Fireworks Shows at New Stadium Scaled Back

Hi-Tor and Rockland Boulders keeping lines of communication open

Roberta Bangs of the Hi-Tor Animal Care Center said the Rockland Boulders are working on minimizing the sound of the fireworks shows at the new baseball stadium. The first display took place on Thursday and by Saturday the show had been altered.

“The Boulders have since then cut the length of the show in half,” said Bangs, president of Hi-Tor’s Board of Directors. “The Boulders are working very hard with us. They’re taking steps to have the show changed to one with less noise.”

The first event lasted approximately eight minutes and the second program ran about four minutes, 10 seconds.

On Thursday night, some of the dogs were fine and some were not, Bangs said. On Saturday when there was a shortened show none of the animals were frantic she said.

Bangs has been told the Boulders will be meeting with the fireworks company this week to change the show and make it quieter.

“There is ongoing conversation and they’re really trying,” said Bangs.

She noted the team had been unaware the shelter has a metal roof which makes sounds echo. Hi-Tor and the Boulders are working together to promote the shelter and schedule adoption nights at the stadium.

Hi-Tor is the only animal shelter in Rockland County and receives about 2,500 animals each year, mainly dogs and cats but also bunnies, guinea pigs and birds. Hi-Tor is currently above capacity.

The are an independent expansion team in the Canadian-American Baseball League.  They play at the newly constructed Provident Bank Park in Pomona.


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