How Do You Feel About All The Snow?

With more winter weather on it's way, Patch wants to know what you think about all the fluffy, slushy white stuff.

Most locals would agree that this winter has been pretty rough so far. Bitter cold, coupled with generally high snowfall amounts have left many with a tough time, impairing commutes and hindering day-to-day activity. At the same time, there are those who absolutely love winter and the snow that it brings. With more raw winter weather bearing down on us, Patch wants to know what you think about all this snow.

Mimi Vilorn

“I love it. I like shoveling, it’s good exercise.”

Lady M, Spring Valley

“It’s something that I like. I didn’t grow up with it. The first time I came to the United States I wanted to play in it. Though I need to have a beautiful long coat to walk in it, I enjoy it.”

Sandra Oates, New Windsor

“I hate it. It tried to mess with our program.” (referring to the Rockland County Haiti Relief Campaign)

Dan Desmond, Jeffersonville

“I love it. I lived in Miami for ten years and I missed it.”

Theresa LaFontant, Spring Valley

“I feel good about it.”


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