VIDEO: Nyack Center, People to People Team Up

Nyack Center and People to People consolidated their efforts and worked with the Nyack schools, family resource centers, Grace Baptist Church, Temple Beth Torah and Sons of Israel


Sandy left many Rocklanders without power, which forced many to throw away all their food. Unfortunately, many couldn't get to work due to unsafe roads and businesses not having power. To help those in need get back up on their feet, People to People teamed up with the Nyack Center to distribute food, products and even gift cards on Wednesday. 

Originally, they were going to distribute items from 3 -5 p.m., but the Nor'easter storm brough people in much earlier, so the center started giving away food at 1 p.m. instead. 

"We coordinated with People to People so that we could consolidate all the efforts," said Kim Cross, executive director of the Nyack Center. "Everyone's been through a lot. We've given out 20 gift cards to people who are struggling and couldn't work during the storm." 

Around 2 p.m. on Wednesday The Nyack Center had given away about 20 bags of food and products.

Kein Jones stopped by the Nyack Center with her young son on Wednesday to pick up some food.

"They've been doing awesome. They've been giving out ice for people who need to keep their stuff frozen. They've been handing out food," she said. "They do everything for the children and the families around here. They're a really big help to the community and I really appreciate them a lot." 

Community members have been donating baby items, like diapers, and non-perishable foods, like soups, peanut butter, pasta, etc ...

Oliver Schneck chose to ask for donated foods and items in lieu of presents for his 10th birthday. 

Nyack Center and People to People worked with the Nyack schools, family resource centers, Grace Episcopal Church, Temple Beth Torah and Congregation Sons of Israel. You can also daonte to the Nyack Center on its website through Paypal.


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