What Are Your Valentine's Day Plans?

Patch wants to know what your plans for the holiday are.

This Monday is Valentine’s Day, the holiday for romance, sweethearts, candy, and flowers. Historically, the observance has its roots in the Catholic Calendar, there having been several saints named Valentine. In a secular sense, Valentine’s Day emerged as a romantic holiday in the Middle Ages.

There are those who adore the holiday and see it as an opportunity to express their love and adoration for their special someone, while others view it as nothing more than a way for greeting card companies to make a buck. However, for most couples it is a special day, a celebration of their affection for one another. With that in mind, Patch wants to know what your Valentine’s Day plans are.

Eric Thomas, Valley Cottage

“I think my fiancée and I will be spending it at home, taking care of our new baby. If we get the chance to go out it will only be for a movie or dinner. Since money is so tight, I really only expect to be home watching a movie on Netflix, eating some dinner that one of us made.”

Rachel Stein, Long Island

“My husband and I will be staying home and cooking dinner together. I think people should make every day Valentine’s Day in their relationship”

Miguelina Camilo, Palisades Park, NJ

“I’ll be in class until 9:30 at night.”

Carol Winick, Old Greenwich, CT

“I’ll be down in the city. I’m probably going to a milonga, a tango dance social, at the Winter Garden in the afternoon and then helping out with Triangulo’s Valentine’s Day workshop in the evening; possibly with a stop at City Bakery’s hot chocolate festival in between. I like to keep my Valentine’s Day plans low key and enjoy it with friends; otherwise there is too much pressure around the day.”

Miriam Boer, New City

“I will be in a lab, patch clamping; as a result there will definitely be no Valentine’s Day for me. Even if I wasn’t busy, I think it’s something of a fake holiday.”

Juliet Kingston February 14, 2011 at 09:40 AM
Is carol winick's "low key" day a joke?!
Lauren B. February 14, 2011 at 10:39 PM
Valentines Day is a commercially contrived stress day for guys who have to jump through economic hoops to gain the approval of their beloveds, and for women who fret about being able to go in to work next day and report what was done for them. We do not participate because I don't want love and special treatment one day of the year - I prefer this treatment 365 days a year!
Kelly Castel February 15, 2011 at 03:49 PM
Couldn't agree less with Lauren B. I think WE can allow just about any holiday become a commercially contrived stress day if we let it. I like looking forward to Valentine's Day after the stress and over indulgence of the Holiday Season (and by that I don't mean the birth of Jesus Christ which is what I celebrate on Christmas Day). I love setting aside a specific day each year to tell all those people that I love, that I do.


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