CSX Building More Freight Line Tracks in Rockland

Work in Haverstraw to be part of $26M project on line the runs between New Jersey and Albany region.

A $26 million project by CSX railroad to expand freight track capacity in New York will include new tracks in Haverstraw.

The railroad said the work on its River Line between northern New Jersey and the Albany region will enable CSX to handle more trains and support the growth of crude oil moving by rail, intermodal shipments, automobiles and other businesses while maintaining strong service performance.

CSX said a total of 18 miles of second track will be constructed over the next two to three years that will create additional capacity on the Hudson River’s west shore. Preliminary work at the sites in Haverstraw, Ravena-Coxsackie and Catskill is already complete, with construction set to begin early this year.

“It’s critically important that we be prepared to meet our customer’s needs as they grow,” said Clarence Gooden, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at CSX. “The River Line is a key lane for growth and will further contribute to economic development as well as environmental benefits through CSX’s terrific fuel efficiency.”

Capacity on the River Line was last expanded in 2005, according to CSX. Consistent growth in rail traffic on the line over the last several years, along with growth projections, has led CSX to boost the corridor’s capacity.

The River Line is part of CSX’s I-90 corridor that connects Chicago with New York, northern New Jersey, and the Philadelphia areas, and supports some of the network’s highest velocity and volumes – much like when it existed as the centerpiece of the predecessor New York Central System.

“We continually model our growth projections to ensure that we are fully leveraging our network capacity,” said Oscar Munoz, executive vice president and chief operating officer of CSX. “Today, we have sufficient capacity for our near-term growth projections, and the capacity expansion initiatives will ensure we’re prepared for additional demand for our services. Demand for crude oil, for example, in the New Jersey and Philadelphia area may be as much as five trains per day, or over 400,000 barrels, over the next couple of years. Our capacity initiatives give us the capability to handle this growth along with business opportunities in our merchandise, automotive and intermodal sectors.”

More than 30 trains daily run through Rockland County on the River Line.

Jared Rodriguez February 04, 2013 at 06:34 PM
Vinny, please wake up. There is no oil in New York State. Fracking will release natural gas, which is not shipped by rail.
Voice of Reason February 04, 2013 at 09:15 PM
I hear enough train horns at night. It's fine if they add tracks, just get rid of the crossings so they don't have to blast horns all night long. I feel like I am living in a train yard and the train is Miles from my house. This is a serious quality of life issue that must be addressed along with the constant sirens from the ambulances and fire trucks and the air-raid sirens when there is a fire (cant they just rely on their radios). Sleeping in the Bronx is actually quieter than sleeping in Rockland County lately between the train horns, sirens and air-raid fire horns. I can't take it anymore. They better eliiminate ALL the RailRoad crossings if they are going to be adding more tracks.
George Potanovic Jr February 04, 2013 at 10:48 PM
How will this affect the proposed Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE) electric line that they want to run through Stony Point and Haverstraw, along the CSX Railroad right of way? We are very concerned about easements and takings of residential property to bring that line through and FOUR other companies that also want to use that same right of way to bring electric through Rockand to NYC. Come to a PUBLIC MEETING in Stony Point to get aswers from TDI, the company that wants to build this electric line that will run down the Hudson Rive and exit onto land at Stony Point Battlefield and run the lengh of Rockland and over many residential and commerical properties. MEETING: TUESDAY, FEB 5 WHERE: JAMES FARLEY SCHOOL (Route 210; Stony Point) TIME: 7pm
VinnyfromCongers February 05, 2013 at 12:48 AM
Fracking releases whatever is underground. New York is sitting on a hundred year supply of gas. There is so much oil available in this country and it needs to be shipped to Albany and put on tankers. Why don't you wake up and imagine the jobs and tax revenue available from fracking here?
Michael J. Klatsky May 09, 2013 at 01:56 PM
Are you paying for the upgrades? Will you offer up funds in terms of a communal property tax increase? or a local assessment? Or perhaps an income tax to cover the cost of this? One thing is certain, CSX isn't paying a penny more than they need to since they are a corporation, an entity whose sole existence is to make money.


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