Nanuet Chiropractor Offers Free Classes on Staying Healthy

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle offers balance to warding off illness.


It's that time of year, to stock up on the tissues and disinfectant. Once the germs catch you they can put you out of commission for a few days. Once it enters the house and spreads from family member to family member it can take weeks to rid the house of the sickness. 

Although the winter virus' seem endless and somewhat inevitable, Nanuet's own Dr. William Johnson of Advance Chiropractic, is offering seminars on how to stay healthy particularly during the cold, stagnant winter months. Maintaining optimal health is the key in keeping the virus' at bay. His focus is on using natural methods to influence a strong immune system needed to fight off infectious disease.

Dr. William Johnson offers these community classes, free of charge, to increase the public awareness of the importance of nutrition and spinal health.

*Saturday, March 3 at 12:15pm: 
Spinal Care Class—"This one hour power point presentation discusses the importance of a properly functioning spine and nerve system and its relationship towards health and vitality."

At Advance Chiropractic, Dr. Johnson, offers a holistic approach to well-being. He recommends vitamins, a healthy diet, weight loss, and chiropractic to maintain a healthy balance. He also offers laser treatments to treat sensitivities and allergies.

He recently wrote an article for the Rockland Review where he explained the link between a healthy spine and a healthy immune system.

"The entire article is just a little history of chiropractic.  But in a nutshell, your brain and spinal cord control everything in the body.  When the spine is subluxated, which means the certain segments of the spine are either misaligned or not moving properly, this puts abnormal pressure on the spinal nerves causing the body to malfunction.  If some of those nerves happen to go to the immune system, then the immune system will not work as well.  If the nerves happen to go to the digestive tract, then you can get irritable bowel syndrome or a stomach complaint," said Johnson.  "Chiropractic does not treat the symptom, but works to keep the spine healthy.  A healthy spine means a healthy nerve system, which means a healthier body."

If you are in pain or find yourself getting sick often, it is worth a phone call to Dr. Johnson who offers free consultations. Check out his website which provides multiple testimonials to an array of different symptoms that people have experienced. Or if you have time in your schedule attend one of the upcoming seminars he is giving.

"I do not treat viruses but the treatment I recommend and provide in the office improves the patients health and the immune system, so that their body adapts better to viruses, bacteria, etc."

Dr. Johnson is a local business owner who grew up in Rockland, attended Albertus Magnus High School and is now running his business in Nanuet. His office is 221 So. Middletown Rd., Nanuet, NY 10954.  845-623-0026


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