Few Shoppers and Stores Open at Palisades Mall

The mall closed at 4:30 p.m. on Monday. They have not determined what their actions are for Tuesday


Best Buy had a small wall of sandbags in front of its parking lot entrance. The mall had very few people, most of them forced to window shop because almost all the stores were closed. 

Due to Hurricane Sandy Palisades Center closed at 4:30 p.m. on Monday for the safety of its shoppers and employees. Palisades Center management will evaluate the weather conditions throughout the night and continue to update the public accordingly.

Fred Hirsch of Doc Popcorn took a rough head count of open stores when he arrived to the mall Monday morning. He said he saw about 40 stores open, but most closed by 2 p.m.  leaving about 15 stores.

“Most didn’t open this morning. We were anticipating more people,” he said. “One couple was (evacuated) from Long Island and were staying at the Marriott. They had (young) three kids. They were looking for something to do (and the kids were getting restless at the hotel).”

Hirsch added that most didn’t open because it wasn’t cost effective, but for Doc Popcorn, “we were lucky enough to be able to make some money today.” He closed up shop at 4 p.m.

Kevin Sanabria, of Congers, was at the mall with his family and a few relatives that were visiting from out of town.

“H&M was open. We came to eat and buy clothes because they’re going back to (El Salvador),” said Sanabria, adding that Hurricane Sandy was being too hyped up. “I think it’s not going to be that big.”

Sossi Tuxedos and Suites at the mall was one of the few to stay open until the very end.

“A lot of stores are closed,” said Maral Hosdaghian, who was working at Sossi. “I’m waiting to see what’s happening (with the storm). I’mhoping for the best out of this storm.”

One shop owner said that it was not cost effective or safe for employees for the Palisades Mall to be open at all during the storm. He said that the smaller mom and pop stores had to open to avoid a $500 fine. The Palisades Center lease say all stores must be open when the center is open to avoid the fine. The corporate stores could afford a $500 hit and didn't open at all. 


For the most current and up to date information, please visit www.palisadescenter.com or www.facebook.com/palisadescenter.

For immediate assistance and questions please contact our security office at 845-348-1010.

Palisades Center is the premier shopping, dining, and entertainment destination located in West Nyack, NY, just 15miles north of New York City. Palisades Center is a four-level shopping center offering “the best of the best, allunder one roof”. The unprecedented combination of shopping, entertainment, and recreation boasts over 250specialty shops, a unique ThEATery area with over 15 sit down restaurants, AMC 21-screen movies theatre, a stateof the art IMAX theatre, and a NHL size hockey rink.

Dzeldaz October 29, 2012 at 09:16 PM
A fine? During a hurricane/Nor'easter with a State of Emergency in effect? You have got to be kidding. Please support the small stores who have to pay this ridiculous fine or risk safety to avoid the nonsense. Please comment on the insanity of this so the store owners can pass the comments to mall administration.


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