Nanuet Mall Businesses: Hopes and Concerns on The Shops at Nanuet

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Last week, Nanuet Mall owners, Simon Property Group, met with Clarkstown officials for an informative meeting on their progress with their plans. They plan to begin demolition after the holidays this year, begin rebuilding in June 2012 and have it ready to open by the holidays of 2013.

They're going with an Open-air Main Street concept. After the informative meeting, Patch had a 4-part article series outlining the , the , and lastly, .

The current Nanuet Mall businesses have mixed plans on returning after demolition.

"Hopefully it will bring more business," said Program Director Luisa Vasquez of Grandmaster B.M. Kim's Tae Kwon Do, which has more than 180 students. "Students are still coming—they have commitment."

"I'm sad about the demolition," since she has to move because of it. She’d like to come back, but said it all depends how things go at her new place, which is about half a mile away from the Nanuet Mall on Route 59. She's 75 percent sure that Simon will go through with what their plans.

“We are relocating to a new, stand-alone restaurant on the mall property,” said Eddie Almeida, co-owner of the restaurant. "It’ll be better in the open.” He expects the restaurant to be ready by the end of March.

"We’ll work around the demolition," he said pointing to the spot of his new location. "Anything causing optimism is a positive. Simon Properties will do it—I’m positive."

Station WRCR is moving saying that returning would only double the expense. GNC is closing

In the food court, Mamdouh Elgamal, owner of Everything Yogurt, has been at the mall for 20 years. He said that he's moving, but plans to return.

"Demolition has to happen. There is nobody left," said Elgamal. "This mall is small, comfortable and easy to get to. The new one will be much better. And yes, Simon Properties will do it this time."

”I hope it will be better," said George Kourachvilli, owner of the Great American Cookie, who plans to return after demolition. "Yes, Simon Properties will do it now”.

“I love the fact that it will be free-standing," said Sears Manager Sanita Ramdowe. "I just came back from the Cross County Mall (one of the oldest). Now it is open and gorgeous. And it is booming!”

The prevailing feelings among the few customers that roamed the empty hallways were sad, but resigned.

“The demolition? Not a good thing," said Shopper Ramond Max, who was accompanied by his 5-year-old son. "As for Simon Properties, I don’t know. As for high-end stores, is it a good idea? Maybe.”

“I don’t like the demolition. I’ve been coming here for 36 years. It was convenient. Now you’ll have to take your coat off, put it back on—it’s a nuisance," said Shoppers Shobha and Anand Akerkar. "Until now, once you park your car, it’s comfortable. I’m hoping for improvement. Simon Properties will do it if they think they’ll make a profit. This was a good place for walking, I felt safe; not like the Palisades Mall. I’m used to Banchetto Feast. They prepare anything I want, the way I like it.”

Many of the stores did not comment.


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