20+ From Occupy Rockland Assemble at Pfizer [VIDEO]

Despite cold, wet weather, more than 20 participants of Occupy Rockland assembled in front Pfizer in Pearl River on Wednesday. Since Pfizer did not allow them to go to the Pfizer visitor center to deliver a letter of their grievances, they read the letter


Read more about Occupy Rockland’s issues with Pfizer in this .

Here is Occupy Rockland's letter to Pfizer:

We are here today in front of Pfizer to express our outrage about Pfizer’s toxic pill called “ALEC”!

What is ALEC? ALEC is an abbreviation for American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC is composed of the biggest corporations in America, including Pfizer. They use ALEC to buy off legislators and craft legislation that serves the interests of corporations and not people.

Have you heard about the anti-union bills which caused massive protests in Wisconsin? These anti-union bills were written by ALEC.

Are you shocked about the anti-immigrant bill passed in Arizona? This anti-immigrant bill was also written by ALEC.

The list goes on and on. Every year corporations use ALEC to create hundreds of legislation bills to erode our democracy and undermine the welfare of us, the 99% Americans.

Pfizer sits on the board of ALEC, pushing up its stock prices at the expense of its workers. Since acquiring Wyeth, Pfizer has created a product called “Jobless.” Hundreds of workers have already been laid off. More lay-offs are coming. As a result, local schools lost millions in tax revenue.

Pfizer is a bad neighbor driven by greed. We expect Pfizer to make medicines, but instead it created toxic drugs called “Jobless” and “ALEC.”

We refuse to swallow these toxic drugs. We are not alone. Today, more than 70 cities are holding rallies to expose ALEC and its corporations.

We stand in solidarity with the workers and the taxpayers who have been hurt by the Wall Street type practices of Pfizer.

We are the 99% and we stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. We are Occupy Rockland.

Smitty Chesterfield March 01, 2012 at 02:31 PM
Want to make a difference? Why don't you look at the wrong-doings of our county and town officials and protest them. The ballpark in Pomona, for instance. Residents did not want it and St. Lawrence still pushed it through. Taxpayers will now be on the hook for $60 million. Vanderhoef is hated and has this county in such poor shape, that he embarrassingly lost a state senate bid to someone without political experience. Gromack has nearly $1 million in his campaign fund after running UNOPPOSED for all of these years. Take a look at where his funding came from. If you're a friend of Gromack, you'll have a lifetime job in this county, and get an extraordinary pension on the taxpayer's dime. http://influenceexplorer.com/politician/gromack-alexander-j/7b7b1cda493c4c1ba2cf4e7314c9103e Your efforts in trying to harm these big corporations are useless. If you really want to make some noise, educate the residents on our local government, and that will wake some people up!
Scott Walters March 01, 2012 at 05:57 PM
Amen Smitty.....


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