Shops at Nanuet: October 2013 Opening Date

Macy's and Sears are still open for the entire construction period.


Back in October 2011, Simon Property revealed its plans, walked through the concept and took questions from town officials on the demolition of the Nanuet Mall and the construction of the  Shops at Nanuet.

At that meeting, they said the new mall should open by the holiday season of 2013. Their opening date is still on target for the Shops at Nanuet, which has an open-air Main Street concept.

"We're planning in October of 2013," said Tom Schneider, executive vice president of development for Simon. He added that no exact date has been established. "Construction will continue through the winter. We're going to work every day that we can."

The frames of the mall is going up. Banchetto Feast is a glimpse of what the exterior theme of the shops will look like. The attached artist renderings of the street-level views will change because the drawings are only to depict the “flavor” and style of the new site and shop owners will ultimately decide the design and look of their store. The ‘L’ road you see on the birds eye map is the ‘Main Street’ Simon is referring to. When driving down Main Street, there will be 1- and 2-story buildings with shops/food on either side. The stores will have independent entrances connecting to the sidewalks and streets.

“Like any construction projection, I wish we were more further along and wish we could have started earlier,” said Schneider “Everyone's pushing very hard and doing everything they can to maintain our schedule.”

Since they own their respective stores, Macy's and Sears have remained open for the entire demolition process and will stay open. Macy's upper entrance was redone and the roof was repainted. The painted parking lot lines for Sears and Macy’s are temporary and for the 2012 holiday shopping season.

“All parking lots are being redone,” said Schneider.

Simon also purchased the property at the corner property of Middletown and Route 59.

“We have bought it and it will be demolished this week,” said Schneider, referring to the buildings and house on that corner lot. “We will have some sort of tenant (on that corner property). We do not have a deal yet … and have not announced anything yet.”

Simon is still negotiating leases, but so far Fairway and Regal Cinemas are the two confirmed businesses. There will also be a fitness center, which will be between the movie theater and Sears. At a July Clarkstown Planning Board meeting, there was a minor adjustment is to the footprint of the fitness center.

Banchetto Feast has already re-opened after relocating out of the Nanuet Mall. Simon is currently talking to fashion stores and restaurants.

“We’ll have more announcements next year. There’s been good leasing activity,” said Schneider. 

After the Nanuet Mall slowly faded in terms of foot traffic and businesses, the residents and Nanuet School Board hope for success with Simon to increase the property and sales tax revenue.

Members of the business community is also looking forward to the Shops at Nanuet and have gathered to restart the Greater Nanuet Chamber of Commerce. They held their kick-off event last month and their recent holiday party was a success. 

Each Friday, Nanuet Patch posts a photo gallery of the demolition/construction progress. 

What businesses would you like to see? Tell Patch in the comments section below. What do you think about the Shops at Nanuet. Take the Patch poll here. 

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  • Banchetto Feast to Reopen


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