Remember America's POW/MIAs

Petition to get POW/MIA stamp


Dear Editor:

This is the text of the petition "All Gave Some, Some Gave All." Let’s continue to support our veterans.

While honored in words, the plight of America's POW/MIA's and the suffering of their families are for the most part ignored. There is a Flag that is very seldom flown. A National holiday only celebrated by a few and the meaning, and history is understood by VERY FEW.

With deep thought and conviction we request that you make a POW/MIA Forever Stamp to follow the Liberty Bell and Purple Heart Forever Stamps. While the Liberty Bell signifies our independence and the Purple Heart signifies the human sacrifice associated with this independence the POW/MIA Forever Stamp is a tribute to the ones we left behind and are still suffering for our freedom.  Let us not forget them and all that they have done to ensure out freedom as American citizens.

Hopefully we can raise the Nation’s Consciousness as to the plight of these heroes by making this stamp a reality

Please print out, sign and return our petition--we have 5,100 signatures so far and still counting--we will try to keep you in the loop if you give us your e-mail address.

Tom Desmond, Korean War Veterans
New City


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