Spring Valley Government Needs A Caretaker

Village board should select an appointee who is not running for mayor

Dear Editor

In light of the dark clouds forming over Spring Valley involving both the mayor and deputy mayor, and further considering that this is an election year I am compelled to present a thought to the village of Spring Valley. With so many candidates vying for the position of mayor, I think that the board should vote to put a caretaker in place to take on the mayor's duties in running the day to day business of the village.

The board should appoint someone who is not a mayoral candidate and is also well respected within the village such as Mr. William Sherwood, Mr. Robert Frankel, Mr. Walter Booker, Mr. Gerald Mile, Mr. Thomas Kleiner, and Mr. Michael Bongiorno. Although this list is not exhaustive, all of these people represent a body of qualified individuals beyond reproach who are either current or former prosecutors, judges, Town Supervisors, and attorneys. Appointing a person of this caliber who is not running for office will enable an open and fair election in the village between all of the candidates without giving someone the advantage of being an incumbent.

Appointing the right person will help avoid any doubt or questionability with regard to mayoral race and health of the village. It does not matter if the mayor is discharged or placed temporarily on administrative on leave but in this sad time for the village, someone must be placed at the helm of one of Ramapo's villages until a final decision is made regarding the mayor, either by the legal system or by the voters.

However, we must keep in mind that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and we must not rush to judgment on the mayor, however the village must be placed into capable hands until some resolution comes to pass and the taint of alleged unethical behavior is removed.

Scott Goldman
Candidate for Ramapo Town Supervisor. 

sal lAWRENCE April 06, 2013 at 08:45 PM
i've had a retail business in spring valley for over 23 years, the mayor was caught but their has been plenty of crooks that have served and never been caught
nelope cruz April 23, 2013 at 01:43 PM
Well, honestly believe that US District Attorney Schneiderman should appoint watchdogs to oversee anything that goes on in this county
nelope cruz April 23, 2013 at 01:54 PM
And if He is not the person incharge of Overseeing this county then we really need an independent someone, who has nothing to do with this county to oversee what everyone else is doing


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