A Big Year Ahead for Rockland - How will 2012 Be Remembered?

2012 could be a game changer for the future of Rockland. Major developments are moving forward - will they bring boom or bust?


2012 could prove to be a very historic year for Rockland. The landscape will be experiencing generational changes that will mold the future of the county for the next century or more.

From a commercial real estate perspective, nothing changed Rockland more than the building of the TZ Bridge over half a century ago, and I believe the new TZ Bridge will do much the same. The new Bridge (with or without Mass Transit) will be an essential economic driver (no pun intended) that will affect property values, future commercial & residential development and our quality of life.

Just a short hop up the road, the Nanuet Mall, another life altering development thrust onto the scene in 1969 is being demolished this year; only to rise from the ashes to alter the retail & commercial landscape once again in a major way. 

Unfortunately, within a mile of the Nanuet Mall's rebirth, Rocklanders are witnessing the death of Pfizer's presence in the Nanuet/Pearl River area. The Pearl River & Nanuet school districts along with the Towns of Orangetown & Clarkstown will suffer that loss dramatically. Higher property taxes will result if that stable ratable is allowed to disappear. Our leaders need to be proactive in their efforts to replace Pfizer should it decide to leave the scene entirely.

And finally, in North Rockland, a major public works development is being proposed by Suez Water to build a desalinization plant on the shores of the majestic Hudson River.

With just a few major projects touched upon in this blog (certainly not all of them), it's easy to see that property values will fluctuate, jobs will be created and lost and the character of Rockland will be changed once again. Will it all bring positive change and needed economic development, or will Rockland be unable to handle the unintended consequences that projects like this bring forward? 

One thing is for sure, real estate opportunities will abound from these developments.  How will 2012 be remembered? Boom or Bust?

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Hagrid Miller March 14, 2012 at 04:37 AM
I have been a Patch reader for quite a while and it seems that you have many negative things to say; however, there is little logos in most of your arguments. It is this article that galvanized me to set up an account and respond to your misleading posts, which you should know are in violation of the terms and services you agreed to upon signing up. You start by mentioning that you cannot see the point of the blog, and from there you introduce the non sequitur that Paul is attempting to advertise for himself or Rand. I don't think we read the same piece because there is no mention of either himself or the company he works for in the article. Next you mention that the blog says nothing, when it actually informs readers of potential changes in Rockland, which they can do more research on. Then you assert that Paul should be associated with suspicion, which is a highly misleading claim. He is a respected authority in the realm of real estate, and nothing in this blog was meant to be (mis)construed as political. Your boldest and most dangerous claim is that Paul's "actions seem to cause damage to those who have their integrity questioned when Adler inserts himself In their public life." This claim is unsubstantiated (blogs, which are opinions, should not be used as sources of evidence) and misleads readers into think that Paul did something more than give a political contribution to a person he supported with money he EARNED working in real estate.
Mike S March 14, 2012 at 05:01 AM
I would like to see the Pfizer property used only for a similar purpose it is used for currently. Some sort of business park or another drug company. I certainly don't want a golf course and our roads and infrastructure can definitely not handle multi-family housing. I hope the towns don't sell out on this one.
Scott Walters March 14, 2012 at 11:56 AM
Hagrid, Maureen and myself both know of Adler's history. it won't be here on the Patch, as it is history. I suggest you google him and look up some of the fine works he has done while being a political operative and as a real estate professional. GOlf courses come to mind... As Casey Stengel said...you can look it up!
Scott Walters March 14, 2012 at 11:58 AM
Maureen....George was layign ut a fine arguement for a golf course...look up Adlre and golf courses on google...you'll get it...LOL
Hagrid Miller March 14, 2012 at 03:41 PM
Scott, I too am aware of the history, but regardless it seems that you and Maureen are using this blog as a forum to take jabs that are unrelated to the blog post. He makes no mention of anything the two of you mention, and he is simply submitting his opinion on the outlook of Rockland in 2012. Furthermore, you seem to carry a personal vendetta against this man, and frankly it detracts from your arguments. I have googled Paul, and you fail to "indiscreetly" mention the good this man has done in the community. Maybe YOU should look at the fine work he has done, Rockland Jewish Family Services, The Holocaust Museum, NAACP, JCC, Rockland Symphony Orchestra, and many other philanthropic causes. So thank you for telling me to google some of the fine work he's done, because there is a plethora of it. Before you begin smearing someone's name, at least have the decency to fairly represent him, instead of bashing him on a public forum. You seem to have a lot of negative things to say all around, and few positives. Quite sad.


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