Crime Report: Rifles, Shotgun Stolen

Police report nine burglaries and robberies in second precinct.

A shotgun and three rifles were reportedly stolen in a home burglary, according to the Second Precinct.

Nassau County Police reported seven burglaries within the precinct in the days leading up to Christmas. The incidences included several commercial burglaries of mobile phone and electronic stores. Two robberies were also reported in Hicksville.

In Wantagh, three rifles and a shotgun were taken from a Willowood Drive residence in a burglary, cops said. Police reported that in the week prior, a shotgun had been stolen from a Syosset home.

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The Second Precinct reported the following crimes:

  • Dec. 19: Burglary; Verizon Wireless, Hicksville; cell phones stolen.
  • Dec. 19: Robbery; W. Barclay Street, Hicksville; headphones stolen from victim.
  • Dec. 20: Burglary; Jay's Appliance, Levittown; cash stolen.
  • Dec. 21: Robbery; Bamboo Lane, Hicksville; gray work boots stolen.
  • Dec. 21: Burglary; Boat Lane, Levittown; front window screens cut, nothing stolen.
  • Dec. 22: Burglary; Kabul Grill, Hicksville; cash stolen.
  • Dec. 22: Burglary; Willowood Drive, Wantagh; three rifles, one shotgun stolen.
  • Dec. 26: Burglary; Split Rock Road, Syosset; laptop, XBox stolen.
  • Dec. 26: Burglary; Gerhard Road, Plainview; reading glasses, sneakers, jewelry stolen.
Jim Mitchell December 31, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Enough with the lies, "Patch". First of all, these crappy crime reports, which have been quite false since the start, come out every 5 days or so. In the past 2 years, you had not written about "rifles" or weapons alike having been stolen in a burglary. Now, several weeks removed from a shooting Massacre that went down in CT, you folks have either been making these reports up, or are simply being lied to by whomever your supposed source is at the Police Dept. All of a sudden, in every crime report since, you make mention of one burglary which consists of the theft of firearms(nobody is going around this December looking to steal guns, sorry, it may sound good, but just never happened. Do us all a favor and post an actual numbered address of which homes had such items taken, I dare you! You won't, not because you never got permission to do so, but because you CAN'T! There is no such home! I have more sources in family and friends within the Nassau Police chain and they've looked up a few of your reports for validity and you are serious Liars or real morons altogether. I don't know who or where your info is coming from, but you need to get further facts and look into things deeper, BEFORE posting nonsense. Thank you... You do not realize how many seriously paranoid and "ill" community members you affect, when you don't even have confirmation on 75% of these reports! People easily get scared, you're not doing right. Sorry!
Plainview Resident January 01, 2013 at 01:37 PM
One has to question if indeed some of the news placed on the patch was placed without adequate "journalism". Some of the content here is definitely questionable. For instance "Dec. 21: Robbery; Bamboo Lane, Hicksville; gray work boots stolen". Since the author does not mention a store, it suggests it was stolen from a household and suggests it was probably used. My apologies if I'm wrong. Firstly, who would go to great lengths to steal a pair of grey work boots. Secondly, who would report that their work boots were stolen? What proof do you have that it was who stolen? Why go through the hassle? I'm not trying to criticize the patch, but some content in here is definitely questionable.
Joe Dowd January 02, 2013 at 06:39 PM
Jim: The information contained in the police report comes from the police. We list their report every week and include all the major crimes that are listed. I admit, this is the first time I remember a rifle being stolen in sometime. But I believe it's a coincidence. Hope that helps. jd
Joe Dowd January 02, 2013 at 06:42 PM
Plainview Resident: Thanks for the question. Often, the information in the police report is limited. The report comes from the police, who provide us with only the basic information. It is time consuming for them to compile it, and we appreciate what they do. The work boots incident is a bit odd, but there are many oddities in our daily news reports. As for addresses, we don't list them so as not to identify the homeowners. Hope that helps. jd


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