Flood Submerges Car in Nanuet (VIDEO)

Severe thunderstorms sweep through Rockland early Wednesday evening; watch video interview with driver


Around 5 p.m., a silver Ford Taurus seemed like it was floating in several feet of water on Poplar Street in Nanuet near Ludvigh Road.

The driver was Timothy Coch, 53 of New City, who works at . He was on his way home after stopping at on Wednesday when he got stranded for about an hour. He said that the water was 4-5 inches high when he got onto Poplar Street and "the car was going it was fine."

"All of a sudden ... the water started rising but I was still moving," he said. However a car coming from the opposite direction caused a large wave to go over his car. 

"Water came onto my car ... and it died right there," he said, adding that water was up to his waist when he exited the car. Clarkstown police were on scene to set up road flares and direct cars away from the flooding area. 

After water drained away from the street, police officers called a tow truck for Coch. 


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