Piermont Fire Dept. Runs Ice Rescue Drill

Photo courtesy Kyle Weiss, Piermont Fire Department
Photo courtesy Kyle Weiss, Piermont Fire Department
The Piermont Fire Department ran an ice rescue drill Sunday.

Kyle Weiss, an EMT and driver with the Piermont Fire Dept, explained how the drill works and shared pictures from the simulation.

"We were simulating as if a person walked out onto the ice, and fell in," Weiss said. "The rescuers then practice two methods of helping the person out, first using the pole as something for the victim to grab on to. The second is getting into the water to help lift the victim out. After the victim is out of the water, the rescuer then holds onto him, and the support team on shore helps pull the rescuer and victim in to shore."

Participants in the drill were:

  • Piermont Fire Department: Lt. Nate Mitchel, Lt. Mark Blomquist. Capt. Dan Goswick Jr., Scott Silva, Lt. Joe Palkovic,  Lt. Sam Kropp, Joe Hauser, Kyle Weiss, and Larry Cabrera.
  • Piermont Fire Explorers: Tim Piesco, Austin Skywark, John McCarthy and Rob Johansen.
  • Thiells Fire Department: Jenn Weireter, Kenny Connolly and Mike Miller


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