Police Chief: Two Ambulances Supported 10K

Sleepy Hollow Trustee Jennifer Lobato-Church on Tuesday said an investigation was underway regarding the response time to a fatal emergency at Saturday's 10K. Police Chief Gregory Camp today issued a statement about his progress.

Two ambulances had been assigned to Sleepy Hollow's 10K race, where a 54-year-old Harrison man lay dying, attended only by frantic bystanders, a village trustee reported Tuesday.

Officials looking into the death of Steven M. Gates are still constructing the official timeline, Trustee Jennifer Lobato-Church told her fellow trustees.

Witnesses have charged that it took an inordinate length of time—some have put the figure as high as 20 minutes—before emergency medical personnel reached Gates.

Police Chief Gregory Camp puts the elapsed time at eight minutes, from dispatch to arrival on scene, Fremont Road in Sleepy Hollow Manor.

Lobato-Church, who chairs the village board’s public health and safety committee, said officials were still trying to determine “what exactly happened during the incident.” She thanked those who came to Gates’ aid but offered no new insights into the action of emergency responders.   

Chief Camp on Wednesday afternoon released this statement: 

For several weeks prior to the 10K running event held in Sleepy Hollow on October 20, 2012, a number of meetings were held with the race's organizers and the Village. Safety of the public is always a top priority when holding these events. On race day, a medical tent was placed at Morse School where the event started and finished. Two ambulances and a paramedic were in service. A second paramedic was also available if needed. Immediately, after we received the report regarding the fatality of one of the runners an investigation was started to gather all the facts. The Village Administration has requested a thorough investigation, followed by a complete report of my findings. We have gathered information from several sources, i.e.: Sleepy Hollow Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Phelps Memorial Hospital, 911 dispatchers, responding paramedics, and Village employees. Upon the completion of the report, it will be released to the public. Thank you for your patience.

Gates, 54, a music professional and amateur runner, collapsed about a half hour after the race’s 9:30 a.m. start Saturday. Bystanders and fellow runners, one of them a doctor, rushed to his aid. But Gates was pronounced dead at Phelps Memorial Hospital at 10:45 a.m.

He had operated his own music-management company from Harrison after stints as vice president for artists and repertoire—known more commonly as A&R and responsible for finding and nurturing musical talent—at BMG for RCA Victor and vice president and artist manager at Columbia Artists Management.

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John Anderson October 24, 2012 at 06:20 PM
Seems it might not be the timing of when the Ambulance was dispatched and arrived at the scene but from the actual call at a 911 center "somewhere" then routed to Sleepy Hollow? Everyone should do themselves a favor, 1) next time you call 911 and you know what town / village you are in say "can you please put me through to anytown NY Police Department, I have an emergency". Based on my personal experience, it has worked. 2) Program your local Police Department's phone number in your cell. The "cell phone" 911 system is not perfect. once I witnessed a serious accident on the Major Degan in the Bronx and called 911. After about 4 minutes arguing with the Dispatcher, turns out I was on the Thomas E. Dewey thruway, AKA, Major Degan, 87, New York State Thruway, but I wasn't, I was actually 1/2 mile before the Thomas E. Dewey part of 87 (Yonkers Border), Think that would have been in their database?
CT Lynn October 24, 2012 at 07:03 PM
When you call 911 from your cell phone- you go through the broader based county area/state PD. If you were however to call from a land line, it seems that it gives you a more direct line to a local PD. I couldn't agree more with John Anderson- KNOW YOUR AREA/SURROUNDINGS!
Krista Madsen October 25, 2012 at 01:20 PM
I'm told from a neighbor who said she called 911 three times from her landline that she was also very clear about the address (because she lives right there).
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