Rockland County Pet Breeder Who Sold Sick Puppies Pleads Guilty

He was brought to book by the Hudson Valley Humane Society.

The owner of Retrievers 4U in Stony Point was accused of selling puppies with infectious or contagious diseases,  lohud.com reported.

John Principe had been cited four times for violations of the state Agriculture and Markets Law by the Hudson Valley Humane Society's enforcement agents. Sale of a sick, contagious animal is a violation under Section 357 of Article 26 of the New York State Agriculture & Markets Laws. The HVHS Humane Law Enforcement Division consists of four New York State Peace Officers who have full police powers to investigate crimes against animals in Rockland County.

Among the sick dogs was a black Labrador retriever who was diagnosed with the parvo virus and giardia two days after it was sold to the buyer and died at seven weeks old.

According to the plea agreement, Principe must pay restitution to the buyers of the four puppies. He will be sentenced Sept. 9, The Journal News said.

The HVHS urges Rockland County residents to call 845-354-3124 or email reportcruelty@hvhumane.org if they witness any degree of animal cruelty. 
James R May 16, 2014 at 12:32 PM
This story seems to come up again and again. How does he keep his license every year? Does not the NYS Agr and Markets inspect his breeding facility? I have no idea why people will continue to plunk down money to support breeders when they can usually find a pure bred dog or cat at a shelter who ended up there because of circumstances they had nothing to do with. If you do not adopt from a shelter or rescue, serves you right.
Jeanne June 08, 2014 at 01:04 AM
Another reason to follow the "Adopt, don't buy" advice. So many backyard breeders out there who don't know what they're doing. Or care.


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