Stop DWI New York Honors Rockland Law Enforcement Officers

There were 876 total DWI arrests in Rockland last year

Stop DWI New York honored 24 Rockland County law enforcement officers on Wednesday for their work in 2012 in arresting people driving while intoxicated.

The agency honored officers who had 10 or more DWI arrests in 2012 at La Terrazza in New City.

“It’s probably the most important area that you’re dealing with today,” said Rockland County District Attorney Thomas Zugibe.

There were a total of 876 people arrested in Rockland last year for driving while intoxicated. Rockland County Sheriff Lou Falco said he thinks one reason the county was able to arrest that many people is the way all the departments and officers work together.

“There’s a lot of counties that are not functioning in the way that Rockland County is, where everybody works together,” he said. “But in Rockland County, it works here for us that we all work together on law enforcement, that we talk, we cooperate and we communicate.”

Zugibe also thanked the officers for their work in keeping the streets safe from intoxicated drivers, but said everyone needs to do a better job with finding drivers under the influence of drugs. He said that’s more difficult because it might be harder to spot, and there’s no set number, like a .08 blood alcohol level.

“The area that we’re dropping the ball on — and it’s not just here it’s across the country — is the area of driving while impaired by drugs,” he said. “The latest estimates are that there’s five times as many people driving under the influence of drugs than are driving under the influence of alcohol.”

The event was hosted by Leslie Chernin, coordinator of Stop DWI in Rockland, and Dennis Procter, of Stop DWI and the Ramapo Police Department.

Of the local police departments, Ramapo had the most honorees, with five officers honored on Wednesday. Spring Valley had three officers honored, while Clarkstown had two and Orangetown had one. The Sheriff’s department had three honorees, the New York State Police Troop F had nine honorees and the New York State Park Police had one.

The top honoree was Ramapo Police Officer Robert Collins, who had 30 DWI arrests. The second place finisher for the municipal departments was Clarkstown Police Officer Raymond Laschet, who had 28 arrests.

2012 Stop DWI Honorees:

Town of Clarkstown:

  • Officer Orlando Cruz

Town of Ramapo:

  • Officer Jonathan Quinn
  • Officer Andre Sanchez
  • Officer Chris Youngman
  • Officer Wayne Mitchell

Village of Spring Valley:

  • Officer Brandon King
  • Officer Khalid Parwanta
  • Officer Ralph Morales

Town of Orangetown:

  • Officer Kirk Vega

Sheriff’s Patrol:

  • Officer Chris Corbett

New York State Police Troop F:

  • Trooper Thomas Tierney
  • Trooper Frank Rose
  • Trooper Ray Hasan
  • Trooper Mark Prestigiacomo
  • Trooper Joseph Theis
  • Trooper Mauro Neri
  • Trooper Marcin Chzran

New York State Park Police:

  • Officer George Lodini

Top Cop - Municipal:

  • Ramapo Police Officer Robert Collins

2nd Place - Municipal:

  • Clarkstown Police Officer Raymond Laschet

Top Sheriff:

  • Officer Robert Moger

2nd Place - Sheriff:

  • Sgt. Jim Benison

Top Trooper:

  • Trooper Shameed Yadali

2nd Trooper:

  • Trooper Paul Catrona
Windam Earle May 02, 2013 at 01:03 PM
Keep Up the Good Work!!! Thanks for All You Do!!
Odd Job May 02, 2013 at 01:50 PM
Officer Vega has some nice artwork on his arm.
Ann Marie Hahr May 02, 2013 at 03:14 PM
Congrats to all on a good job!
Kalfor May 02, 2013 at 09:32 PM
The police do a good job of lockiing them up. The judges just let'em go.
mcccmar May 09, 2013 at 04:53 PM
why to go to my nephew CHRIS CORBETT - Chris youre the greatest!


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