Legislators Plan January Hearing On Hurricane Sandy Response

Response and recovery efforts in Rockland County will be evaluated at a Rockland legislative hearing in early 2013

Rockland County Legislators Jay Hood and Ed Day will hold a hearing in January 2013 to evaluate the county’s emergency response during Hurricane Sandy and the recovery efforts.

Hood, chairman of the legislature’s Public Safety Committee will invite the Director of the county’s Office of Fire & Emergency Services Gordon Wren, town and village leaders and representatives from local utility companies to appear before the committee to provide post-event analysis of storm preparedness, response, clean-up and restoration measures. The discussion will center on identifying actions that can be improved or implemented to increase public safety and storm relief as well as lessen the threat of property damage in the future.

Within a 14 month period, Rockand experienced Hurricane Irene and the freak October snowstorm in 2011 and more recently Hurricane Sandy, all of which caused signficant damage and extensive power outages.

“Over the past year, the Public Safety Committee met with emergency personnel and utility representatives to identify shortfalls in the response to Irene and the October storm and to develop and establish measures to improve upon response and recovery," said Hood. "This storm presented new factors - the shortage of gas and unprecedented school closures.  It is essential that we collect data on Hurricane Sandy in a timely manner, so we may continue to analyze our storm response protocols.”

Day said it is essential to determine if changes recomended and agreed to last year were implemented for Hurricane Sandy.

“The committee did a lot of work last year as part of the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and the Halloween storm in identifying shortfalls and recommending improvements, and certain representations were made by Orange & Rockland to this community, said Day. "I look to be an active part of an effective post-event critical analysis on behalf of the people of Rockland. They all deserve answers to the hard questions, and rest assured we will do our utmost to obtain

stephany November 10, 2012 at 05:01 PM
"Yes I can point a finger at O&R and they should have been ready with a plan." "There were, in fact, SOME INROADS gained during the hearings held in the aftermath of the 2011 storms. TO THE DEGREE THAT WORKED HERE is precisely ONE? reason why we want them back. With a background in emergency planning and response with the NYPD, the timing must be after O and R has completed their post event analysis" before Ed Day comes to the rescue too late and "post event" he needs to explain why,with his background, he did not apparently act before the storm hit. I am so very tired of politicians coming late to the party and getting a pass. i get sick thinking about it. PLANES FLYING OVERHEAD AS I WRITE THIS The legislature has no control over O&R so why the hearings by them. the legislators should be part of the audience not leading the hearing.NO SPEACHES PLEASE Ed Day is thinking in RC supervisor mode already yet he did nothing that i can see to make sure O&R made preparations for the storm.he may be more guilty,WITH HIS BACKGROUND than anyone outside of O&R. when is the last time he talked to O&R before the storm.IMO he should have done more in the way of checking up on what O&R was doing.
Clarkstown life November 10, 2012 at 05:14 PM
stephany....yet again ridiculous.....i am not here to defend anyone, but even Gov. Cuomo has no power over the utilities and you wanted Ed Day to do something before the storm hit....
CR November 10, 2012 at 05:21 PM
DJR - your comment shows that you don't understand how utilities work. Profit exists to attract capital dollars from investors to put into infrastructure. Can you imagine if our utilities were run by politicians and investment decisions were made for political reasons? Can you imagine what chaos would reign if Rockland county were in charge after this storm? I shudder to think.
stephany November 10, 2012 at 05:32 PM
Ed Day-"With a background in emergency planning and response with the NYPD" hello--O&R- this is ed day, rockland legislator with a background in emergency planning and response speaking. could you tell me what extra measures you are taking to prepare for the imminent storm that is coming. We spoke after Irene and I am just wondering what you have implemented and what you haven't. so- to answer your question--yea--even if it was just a phone call.
ted November 11, 2012 at 11:05 AM
It really would be cheaper to get home generators wired in your panels than burying existing utilities now. BUT new construction complexes...why not do it. The generators I speak of are not the loud "lawn motor" type of generators (they do work though) we see but the ones that are more much quite and efficient. I think we will start to see alot more of these IMO after this storm.


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