Local Democrats Heading to Inauguration

Clarkstown Councilwoman Stephanie Hausner and her brother Dustin are making the trip.

Town of Clarkstown Councilwoman Stephanie Hausner and her brother, Dustin Hausner, have a busy few days ahead of them, as they’re traveling to Washington D.C. to attend the presidential inauguration.

The two left for D.C. Saturday morning and secured tickets through the Democratic National Committee. Stephanie Hausner went to President Barack Obama’s first inauguration four years ago, getting tickets through Congressman Eliot Engel’s office. She said Congress members get an allotment of tickets and give them away, many times through some sort of lottery system.

“It was amazing to be there witnessing history and seeing the swearing in for the first African American president,” Stephanie Hausner said. “You could just feel it in the crowd that this big moment in the country’s history was taking place.”

Their plan is to head out early Monday morning to try and secure a decent spot to watch the swearing in.

“We’re just going to take a bunch of jackets and layers,” Dustin Hausner said.

The two said they’re also excited to meet up with friends from all over the country they don’t get to see too often.

“Because of our involvement in the Young Democrats, we have friends from all over, and a bunch of them will be there too,” Stephanie Hausner said. “It’s a good opportunity to see people you don’t get to see a lot.”

Dustin Hausner has worked with the party, specifically community service and disabilities, for about six years, he said. The two got tickets to the Disability Community Inaugural Ball.

“Having us all together for one moment of hope should be great,” he said. “It’ll be interesting to see what other people have been working on and have planned.”

Stephanie Hausner said they also have tickets to the parade and the Inaugural Ball. But still, the main event for the Hausners is getting to see Obama speak.

“Regardless of people’s political opinion on him, he’s the president and he’s being sworn in,” Stephanie Hausner said. “I remember watching Bill Clinton’s inauguration with my dad on TV, and getting the chance to go see my second inauguration in person is just amazing. You don’t know when, or if, you’ll get the chance to do this kind of thing again, so it’s really special.”

It’s extra special for Dustin Hausner, who has never seen a sitting president speak in person.

“I’m glad my sister is letting me mooch off her,” he said. “I’m a total history nerd, so I’ve read all the presidential inauguration speeches. I know how that sounds, but some of them are really good.”

Stardeak Al Durand January 19, 2013 at 11:57 PM
Congratulations! Enjoy it! I'll be watching at home. Go Rockland!
Kristina Seeley January 20, 2013 at 09:30 AM
Crazy! I can't believe I used to babysit you two and here you are all grown up! Your parents must be soooooo proud of you!
Watchdog January 20, 2013 at 02:07 PM
This year’s presidential inauguration ceremony and luncheon will have a New York flavor. A dry Riesling from the Finger Lakes and a merlot from the North Fork of Long Island will be served at the president’s luncheon, along with a dessert of Hudson Valley apple pie, cheese from Cooperstown and Rochester-area honey. A sauce using Crown Maple Syrup from Dutchess County also will be served. This is what they get....but they want to force those lousy school lunches on your kids. The OBAMA hypocrisy continues. It just gets worse.
Clemona January 20, 2013 at 02:52 PM
I heard they're taking the part about defending the Constitution out of the oath this time.
21st century concerned citizen January 20, 2013 at 02:55 PM
The inauguration ceremony and parties are a farce!!!!!! The nation is $17 Tillion in Debt and the expense for the ceremony is $50 million. It is a national embarrassment to even publicize this event. Our unemployment rate is absurdly high, food stamp entitlement is at an all time high, families are struggling in all of our communities and the government is holding a party. Are you Kidding me!!!!! If this were to be made into a movie it would be categorized as a Horror Film


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