Number of Polling Places For Primary Reduced

Polling locations cut from 80 to 17 for Thursday’s primary vote


The Rockland County Board of Elections reduced the number of polling places for Thursday’s primary to save money. Instead of 80 locations, there will be 17 throughout the county.  Notification cards were sent to registered voters within the past two weeks.

Republican Board of Elections Louis Babcock said, “We have consolidated a lot of our election districts into a single poll site as a cost saving measure.”

Babcock said the primary could cost up to $300,000 if 80 locations were used because of the expense to open the polls and hire people.  With the decreased number of polling places, the cost falls to about $100,000. 

He said many of the primary races involve Conservative and Working Party candidates and at some polling places possibly 25 people were registered with one of those parties.  However, the Republicans also have primary candidates, a number of who are involved in races for committee seats.

“The districts in a lot of places have very few voters,” Babcock explained.

Although the newly consolidated polling places are listed on the Board of Elections web site, as of late Tuesday no addresses were provided. The list includes the districts that will vote at the new location. 

In Clarkstown there are five polling places that will serve more the voters of more than 70 districts. Monterey Gardens is the site for 26 districts and St. Francis Church is the site for 12 districts. Upper Nyack Elementary School is the site for eight districts and St. Paul is the site for 12 districts. Street School is the site for 18 districts.

In Orangetown, voters from 26 districts will use one of two polling locations.

Pearl River High School will serve 15 districts and Orangetown Town Hall will service 11 districts. Two polling places have been set in Haverstraw, seven in Ramapo and one in Stony Point.

Lawrence Stone of the Rockland Republican Academy is concerned that people are unaware their polling place may have changed. 

There’s zero notification that they’ve consolidated polling stations,” said Stone.

He is worried that people will go to their usual location and when they find out it has changed, decide not to trek somewhere else to vote.  His group has 24 candidates running for Republican committee seats in the primary. According to Stone, just two of those candidates received letters notifying them their polling place has been changed.

The 17 poll locations will open on Thursday, Sept. 13 from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.  

Lawrence Stone September 12, 2012 at 12:54 AM
REPUBLICANS VOTE HERE: http://rocklandrepublicans.org/vote-for-our-candidates/ In what is an extremely busy primary season with over a hundred local primaries in multiple parties all of which are challenging the status quo, this is all HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE. While I appreciate that they want to save money, this horrible communication only benefits the Party Bosses to significantly reduce voter turnout. 1. Only a handful of individuals got a letter 2. No press release was issued to date with only 2 days to the election 3. There is no clear mention of this DRASTIC CHANGE anywhere on the homepage of the website 4. The info you will find on the website look-up tool is STILL INCORRECT! For a list of Republican Candidates who signed “The Committeeman Pledge” to stop the practice of cross endorsements and where GO HERE: http://rocklandrepublicans.org/vote-for-our-candidates NO MORE DEMOCRATS ON THE REPUBLICANS LINE! ~~ RECRUIT, REPLACE, RESTORE ~~ www.RocklandRepublicans.org
Lawrence Stone September 14, 2012 at 02:46 PM
PLEDGED GOP CANDIDATES WIN BIG IN PRIMARY!!! Against all odds, candidates who signed “The Committeeman Pledge” overwhelmingly won the support and trust of their neighbors. We hope this election is a model for all future ones and all Committee’s around the State. Our aim from the start was to Recruit new blood, Replace those who refused to sign the pledge and to Restore Republican Principles. The train has left the station!”~ Lawrence Stone
Frank Reynolds November 05, 2012 at 07:51 PM
I've been a republican all my 50 years and now I see a bunch of people that follow the party line, no matter what happens. Most people think that the government needs to be smaller. I would argue just the opposite. The government needs to put a leash on the banks, big buisness and return to a fair tax rate. Our government is weak. Our Country is weak. Our policies about import and export has made it so the country is bleeding money our to oil rich countries and to the countries that manufacture for the USA. All of the big manufacturing companies can increase the profit margin for the stakeholders by moving the company to India. They can increase the profit to 6000% by making that move. Look at Apple. The Ipod can be made for about 5$ to 10$ in India sold here in the USA for $500. If there wasn't so much greed then they could make it here for $40 and still sold for the same $500. I realize that the profit is only about 40$ or 50$ but that is the difference. The Republican party has been supporting this for the last 30 years. This is why I've switched to and independent.


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