Montesano: Nyack Schools to Obey Tax Cap

Superintendent James Montesano provides briefing on 2012-13 budget plans

Though budget season is still several weeks away for Nyack Schools, Tuesday evening's school board meeting touched on the 2012-13 fiscal plan—and how it will be affected by New York State's .

"Getting to that cap is the intention of the board," said James Montesano, the district's superintendent. "But the budget outlook is going to require us to do some carving."

Though the state law seeks to eliminate any tax hikes over two-percent, municipalities and school districts have the ability to override the cap.

Nyack Schools' budget came in at $71,316,000 , and included a 2.9 percent tax levy increase and .8 percent budget increase.

Montesano said he agrees with the tax cap's vision, but it still places an burden on district officials.

"It is designed to offer property tax relief, which is certainly needed in New York State and the Rockland area," he said. "[Still], formulating a budget is going to be a very different process."

Montesano came to Nyack from Paramus, NJ, where a cap is also in place.

Parents who spoke up at the Tuesday evening meeting called on the state to provide more support.

"The problem with the two-percent cap is it doesn't shift the onus of what’s missing back onto state," said Heather Cornell, who has a daughter in middle school and a son in elementary school. "If we’re going to take money away from schools  the state has to be willing to contribute more."

elizabeth February 08, 2012 at 11:52 AM
There is quite a bit of fat in the budget that can be cut without any effect on the students. Let's start with a freeze on administrative salaries, and the withdrawal of travel and membership expenses from just about all administrators, as well as psychologists, and other support staff. Consultants is another expense that can be cut. There are enough paid staff to do the job, without need of consultants. These cuts alone, will save many thousands of dollars. If anybody doubts that the budget can be cut, take a look at a copy of it. It's public information.
Stewie February 10, 2012 at 03:23 PM
How about cutting the security detail that resulted from the closed campus debacle. Hardly a need and more of a want.


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