Orangetown Finance Department Finds Error

The Orangetown Council incorrectly reported that the town had not received its payment from Rockland County for the police department participation in the Narcotics Task Force and Intelligence Unit.

The Orangetown Town Council claimed Rockland County still owes the town half of the money owed for the police department's participation in the county Narcotics Task force and Intelligence Unit.

That was part of a resolution passed by the town council Thursday night. The town would remove its officers from the two county units if the county did not pay the money owed and formalize an agreement for 2012.

One small problem. The county had already paid Orangetown the money it was owed for 2011.

Orangetown Director of Finance Charlie Richardson discovered the error Friday. He said the check had been deposited into the wrong account.

"There was an error in the information we got from finance. It’s very unfortunate and disappointing that that one particular fact was incorrect," Orangetown Supervisor Andy Stewart said. "We strive every day to get the best information to the public. Frankly, it’s disappointing and upsetting that we didn’t have that one right."

Stewart said this does not change the resolution, which is primarily focused on formalizing the agreement for 2012 and going forward.

"No, it doesn't change the basis of the resolution," Stewart said. "The problem is compensation for 2012 and whether or not we should continue the program in absence of a real commitment from the county."

More details on the resolution can be found here.

Maureen March 16, 2012 at 08:14 PM
How disappointing to read in this morning’s Patch that Orangetown’s Town Board, under its new leader Andy Stewart, is continuing to demonstrate political patronage and lack of fiscal responsibility.  I can accept that there maybe a need for a full-time licensed  Chief Operator, to run the new plant, which cost taxpayers millions of dollars, and therefore an important asset to maintain.  However, I fail to understand why there is a need for a Clerk of the Works at a cost of $83K plus benefits to manage employees.  Why does the DEME need 40 employees anyway?  Ever heard of consolidating roles?  Creating teams that are high performing and require little management?   Why are we paying $165K plus benefits to someone who can’t manage his own department…Is anyone looking at the overall picture here?  The private sector has been forced to do more with less…what is wrong with Orangetown?  When can we see your business plan?     
Randy March 17, 2012 at 01:49 AM
Andy Stewart should ask for Charlie Richardson's resignation. How can a finance director miss such as important fact? How many other mistakes have been made that we don't know about? Besides, Charlie's comments in the December meeting where he told the board in no uncertain terms that they needed to override the tax cap were out of line. The Orangetown Government will be better off without him.
HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller May 26, 2012 at 05:29 AM
. . . "Found the error?" . . . . .then "who" made the error? - HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller


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