Orangetown Tax Receiver Simon Kicks Off Campaign

Republican Robert Simon is again running for Orangetown Receiver of Taxes, a job he has held since 1999.

Orangetown Receiver of Taxes Robert Simon officially kicked off his re-election campaign with an event Monday night. 

The Republican from Pearl River will try to keep the position he was first appointed to July 19, 1999, shortly after the previous receiver passed away while holding the office. 

"It's an honor and a privilege to sere the people of Orangetown and I want to continue serving the people of Orangetown as receiver," Simon said. "I would like to continue providing the service they have been accustomed to in this office, the service my predecessors provided."

Simon called his work a labor of love in a letter to the Orangetown Republican Committee announcing that he would run again. 

"Much has been accomplished during my tenure," Simon said. "I have implemented availability of extensive tax information on our user friendly website. Increased accessibility by offering on-line check and credit card payment options, extended office hours in January and September and a secure drop-box available for tax payments. I have reduced department costs by implementing the most current technology, resulting in cost savings."

Simon and Democratic challenger Chris Smith are both members of the Rotary Club of Pearl River, of which Simon is a past president. Smith has been running on the promise of pushing for the office of the Tax Receiver to be eliminated and those duties to be merged into other departments. Simon has also expressed his support for such a change, which would have to be approved by referendum in November. 

"It's up to the people," Simon said. "This is not a policy-making position. It's an administrative position. It would be the town board that put it on the ballot and it would be up to the voters on the referendum.

"I will support it throughout the campaign. If the voters go tot he polls Nov. 5 and say let's consolidate, we will."


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