Pearl River Turns Out to Vote, Workers at St. Margaret's Endure Chilly Conditions

Early turnout was heavy at voting locations in Pearl River, including St. Margaret's Church, which was without heat due to limited power in the building.

Pearl River resident Bill Clark offered no spoiler warning or hesitation before making his declaration regarding today's Presidential Election. 

"I can tell you the results," Clark said. "The people are going to vote for (Mitt) Romney and the Electoral College will put (President Barack) Obama back in. You watch and see if I ain't right. 

"Who thought up that electoral business? They have to do away with that. The people are voting and the people should be what counts."

Clark was one of a steady stream of voters Tuesday morning at St. Margaret's Church in Pearl River, the only polling location in Rockland County having power issues. The building had enough power for lights, but no heat. Clark was there as members of the National Guard came to set up a generator with the hopes of alleviating the problem.

Poll workers at St. Margaret wore coats, hats and gloves.

"It was busy, but cold," Clark said. "They've got the lights on, but it's cold for the people working there."

John Kroll of Pearl River appreciated how quickly the line moved, saying his wait to vote was much shorter than he expected. Like Clark, he appreciated the efforts of poll workers, though they made different choices in the election.

"I voted for Obama," Kroll said. "I think he deserves another chance. He was knocked down quite a bit and I think he deserves a chance.'

Julia Bergin of Pearl River expressed a similar reason for voting for Obama.

"He's trying to get out from the mess George Bush put him in," Bergin said. "He's trying to get out of the hole and make things better for people. We have to give him a chance."

Clark felt that Obama had enough time.

"Four years and the country is in the toilet," Clark said. "Jobs are all in China. The budget is out of sight. The debt is unbelievable." 


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