Report Stream Blockages To County

Rockland County's Drainage Agency wants homeowners to report any obstructions in the 14 streams it oversees.

The Rockland County Drainage Agency wants to know about any blockages in the 14 county regulated streams which cover about 80 miles. The agency averages between 70 and 100 obstruction removals each year. Removing tree branches, debris and other materials helps reduce the possiblity of flooding. 

The agency will be inspecting streams soon and wants information to collect information ahead of time about any obstructions in the county regulated streams on homeowners' property. 

These are the county regulated streams:

  • Hackensack River
  • Muddy Creek
  • Nauraushaun Brook
  • Pascack Brook
  • Sparkill Creek
  • Minisceongo Creek
  • Cedar Pond Brook
  • Mahwah River
  • Demarest Kill
  • West Branch of Hackensack River
  • Ramapo River
  • Saddle River
  • Nakoma Brook
  • Willow Tree Brook

“Obstruction removals by our agency significantly help to reduce potential
flooding to Rockland County residents and infrastructure,” said Vincent Altieri, executive director of the agency. “The Rockland County Drainage Agency is presently preparing for their semi-annual inspections of 14 County regulated streams. Approximately eighty miles of streams will be inspected for obstructions, erosion conditions and unauthorized construction activity.”

Residents can contact the Drainage Agency at (845) 638-5081, which will include the obstructions in the Drainage Agency Report and may be scheduled for removal.

Rockland County Legislator Ed Day October 21, 2012 at 03:28 PM
I agree that some additional detail would have been helpful. Here is a link to that map which should provide some assistance. https://geopower.jws.com/rockland/MapsPage.jsp?folder_currentfolder=2435
Chrissy C October 21, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Many parts of our streams are only visible by homeowners and/or private companies. Inspection is applauded, but action is crucial.
Bonnie Vanderbilt October 21, 2012 at 07:24 PM
You may want to look at the stream and the upper/lower ponds on the property at 131 Germonds Rd in West Nyack. The property is currently owned by the Town of Clarkstown previously owned by Hugh Traphagen. Both ponds should have been dredged years ago. The debris that has accumulated and blocked the natural flow of the stream over the years is unreal. The upper damn collapsed years ago. I lived in the main house from 2004 - 2011. When it rains hard, it's like a tsunami coming through and under Germonds Rd. Unfortunately the Traphagen trustees never wanted to do anything to clean it up. Hopefully, now that the town has ownership, something can be done.
Robin Traum October 21, 2012 at 11:48 PM
Ed - Thanks for sharing that map link. Robin
Andy Stewart, Orangetown Supervisor October 22, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Question: When is a "blockage" a good thing, and when is it a bad thing? From a flood hazard perspective, "Removing blockages" may prevent a stream topping its banks in one spot, while accelerating the flow downstream and causing damage somewhere else. I have walked, paddled and cleaned large sections of various County streams -- Sparkill, Minisceongo, Pascack, Mahwah and so on. I can see that it is important to protect culverts, roads and bridges, as well as adjacent properties, from blockage-related flooding. But I can also see that fallen trees, for example, can help slow down water so it can be absorbed by wetlands, while creating habitat for turtles and shade for fish and other wildlife in the reaches of streams that are not near to roads, bridges and other assets. Is there a protocol followed by the Drainage Agency for discriminating between "blockage" and "habitat"?


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