Rockland Democrats Voting On Board Of Elections Commissioner

County Democrats meet tonight to select the party’s Board of Elections commissioner


When Rockland County Democrats hold tonight’s convention, the single item on the agenda may be addressed very quickly.  County Democratic Committee Chair Kristen Stavisky is seeking the post of the county's Democratic Board of Elections Commissioner.  She would succeed Ann Marie Kelly, who is retiring. Stavisky said she would remain in her post as county Democratic chair, a position she was elected to in February 2011.

Stavisky said she did not know of anyone else interested in running although nominations would be allowed from the floor. She said a lot has changed over the past 15 years and the office should be modernized to be more proactive.

Her thoughts for changing the office include more training for inspectors and poll watchers and other steps to make voting more accessible. Stavisky said people staffing the polling locations must be able to speak different languages so they can assist voters.  She noted some people encountered problems when they went to vote on November 6 but acknowledged that is not unusual. 

“I think every Election Day there are difficulties,” she said.

She noted Election Day this year came on the heels of Hurricane Sandy and that poll workers also had to be deal with Gov. Cuomo’s Executive Order allowing registered voters displaced by the hurricane to vote anywhere in the state. 

Stavisky would use social media to promote the board of elections and encourage people to register and vote.  She pointed out that Rockland Community College ran a very effective outreach campaign to register voters and may have registered the most of any community college in the state.

“My goal is to make sure everyone who is eligible to vote can vote,” said Stavisky.

The post of board of elections commissioner did come up at the party's October convention but not was brought to the floor. Tonight's convention begins at 5:30 p.m. at Clarkstown Town Hall.

Neill November 26, 2012 at 07:41 PM
It is sad what is happening to the Democratic party. According to the Rockland County Times all of the Democrats on the town board, Gromack, Hausner, and Lasker attended a meeting called by town employee, Ed Lettre, who runs the Conservative Party to help him keep that party’s leadership which he did by holding his election on Yom Kippur when his Jewish opponent couldn’t attend. http://www.rocklandtimes.com/2012/08/09/house-of-horrors/ Lasker said she was happy to have Lettre’s endorsement. Why? Let the Conservative party find its own candidates. Why do Democrats appear to be kow-towing to him? Also attending the meeting was Democrat Justin Sweet, the town clerk. Democratic supervisor, Gromack, gave a job paying $87,000 per year to the head of the Republican party in the Bronx, Jay Savino, and he created a position for Wayne Ballard to give a part timer position to the guy who can influence the Independence Party nomination and Gromack ran on this line in the past. That is Frank Sparaco who is a county legislator and leads the republicans there. Why is the party not conducting a primary against Gromack for this behavior? What is going on here? Why is the Democratic Party behaving in this way under Stavisky’s leadership? Rockland County and NY State are Democratic. Why are local Democrats getting involved in cross-endorsements? Would someone please ask her at tonight’s meeting.


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