Rockland Health Division Made NYS Public Health Honor Roll

Health officials note the award during National Public Health Week.

In recognition of their outstanding commitment to public health, the staff of the Rockland County Department of Health Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention was recently awarded the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) Public Health Works! Honor Roll Award.

The Honor Roll recognizes the outstanding workers that keep New Yorkers 
healthy. The Division was nominated for this award based on its dedication to the field of public health and commitment to addressing chronic disease in the community.

“Especially now, during National Public Health Week, I value the Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention’s expertise and commitment to making Rockland a healthier county for all. I’m proud of their dedication and commitment to public health and to our residents,” said Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert, Rockland County Commissioner of Health, in a press release.

Here's how the county is listed on the state's Honor Roll: 

Rockland County Department of Health

Division of Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Education

  • Una Diffley, MPH Director, Public Health Education
  • Shelley Chanler, MA, CHES Public Health Education Coordinator
  • Maryanne Ferrera, Program Specialist, Public Health Education
  • Carrie Steindorff, Program Specialist, Public Health Education
  • Rhonda Rosman, Program Specialist, Public Health Education
  • Patricia Parke, Program Specialist, Public Health Education
  • Nancy Haggerty, Public Health Assessment Assistant I
  • Vivian Desert, Public Health Aide (LFT)
  • Ludmila Mohler, Public Health Aide (LFT)
  • Daddy Paul, Sr. Public Health Aide
  • Michelle Kleinman, RD, CDN, CLC Nutritionist II (PH)
  • Melissa Jacobson, MPH Assistant Director, Public Health Ed
  • Laurie J. Messinger, Public Health Assessment Assistant II
  • Steven Levin, Environmental Health Asst
  • Barbara Plasker, EdD Public Health Educator
  • Christina Duncan, Sr. Public Health Aide (LFT)
  • Alana L. Boutelle, MPH Program Specialist, Public Health Education
  • Melanie Shefchik, Program Specialist, Public Health Education

The Division offers a variety of programs, presentations, and educational materials, and works collaboratively with worksites, and community and faith-based organizations, to develop plans and actions to promote the overall health of the community and prevent disease. For more information, call the Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention at (845) 364-2501 or visit the Health Department website.

Click to find more information about the NYSDOH Public Health Works! Honor Roll Award. To learn more about National Public Health Week, visit www.nphw.org


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