Rockland Preps For More Bad Weather

Power Restoration Continues But Thousands Still Without


Late Wednesday morning, the Rockland County Fire & Emergency Services staff and representatives of towns and villages participated in a webinar with the National Weather Service that did not bring good news for Rockland residents still recovering from Hurricane Sandy.  According to the NWS, the Winter Weather Advisory, Wind Advisory and Hazardous Weather Outlook issued for the county forecasts three to six inches of snow with periods of heavy snow and winds from 40 mph with peak gusts of 60 mph. 

The prediction was for the inclement weather, which is already in the county to be at its height at 7p.m. tonight and end about 4 a.m. on Thursday. The Winter Weather Advisory ends at 6 a.m. Thursday.

Meanwhile, O&R and other utility continue to work on restoring power.  The total number of outages in Rockland as of late Wednesday morning was 6,800 customers.

In Clarkstown there were still 1,851 customers without power.  The largest number – 1,315 - was in New City, followed by 467 in Valley Cottage and 69 in West Nyack. 

In Orangetown, the total number of outages was 1,034. Pearl River had the most out 650, followed by Tappan 146 and Sparkill 132. Nyack still had 58 outages, Blauvelt had 36, South Nyack had six, Orangeburg and Palisades had two each, Piermont and Upper Grand View had one each.

Clarkstown reported 10 roads remained fully closed and 11 were partially closed as of noon today. The 10 roads that have fully closed sections have downed wires except for Cherry Hill, which has a damaged utility pole and transformer.

  • West Nyack- Cherry Hill at Route 59
  • Congers – Dr. Davies at Austin Douglas Way and two locations on New York Avenue
  • Valley Cottage – Tow locations on Ridge Road
  • New City – Evergreen Lane, Johnson’s Lane, Joyce Drive and Shady Brook Lane

The 11 partially closed roads have wires that need repair. 

  • New City – Alan Court, Carolina Drive, Jennifer Drive, and Lynne Drive
  • West Nyack – Heather Lane
  • Valley Cottage – Helene
  • Congers – Lakewood Drive, Massachusetts Ave, New York Ave, and South Harrison Ave
  • Second Ave was also listed but no hamlet was named. 
Mike November 09, 2012 at 03:51 AM
Issy, even the link you supply says they cannot support the figure you quote. I doubt that any of the studies quoted are peer reviewed quality studies that would be recognized by the USPTF or the AHRQ. In sum, your "fact" that 50,000 deaths per year are linked to lack of health insurance is not a fact at all, but at best a guesstimate asked upon inadequate studies. In fact, if we were to accept your figure, lack of insurance would be the 9th leading cause of death in the US just lightly behind diabetes (68k) and slightly above nephrotic syndrome.
JM November 09, 2012 at 03:53 AM
a made up number...not a fact. sorry
Issy November 09, 2012 at 04:05 AM
Hardly a made up number, the report and others like it are published in peer review medical journals so if you despite the numbers why not provide a link refuting the analysis?
Jim Monroe November 09, 2012 at 04:32 PM
Let’s get back on track here people- could O&R have buried New City’s ‘Main Street’ cable? I’m not a community planner or infrastructure engineer and I don’t know if underground cables were a viable solution. I do recall during ‘Floyd’, that N. Main near Bradlee’s was affected. I would however ask our legislators if ‘buried cable’ was at all proposed and fully investigated? What puzzles me most is the traffic signal issue. Clarkstown spent a small fortune manning almost every traffic light along Route 304 with law enforcement. Could traffic signals be run separate from other lines or have power backups much like my computer has an uninterruptable power supply. With all the FEMA and Homeland Security funds out there, this to me seems like a worthwhile and justifiable expense. If cost is the only rational, then I dare say we might be living in a linear time reversal and we shall soon be reading by kerosene lamps and traveling by horse and buggy. Good things, safe things are initially costly (seat belts for instance) but prove cost effective in the long run. Seatbelts added only a few dollars to the automobile manufactures cost, but saved considerable amounts of money spent on medical expenses, as well as lives. Most scientists would agree that these weather conditions are here to stay and will only get worse and we must be prepared. We need to address the safety of our community for future disasters. God Bless our safe homes, community and country.
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