Summit Park Presentation Scheduled For Rockland Legislature

Consultants’ report will assess options for the facility.


Toski & Co. P.C. will present its report on the to the Rockland Legislature tonight.  The presentation will include an evaluation of the transferring Summit Park to a Public Benefit Corporation and other options including privatization alternatives. 

Summit Park Hospital in Pomona is a 57 bed longterm acute care hospital and the Summit Park Nursing Care Center is a 321-bed nursing care facility with aan Alzheimer's Unit.

The legislature will vote on declaring May 15, 2012 as “Mayday for Mandate Relief.”

The resolution urges the Mandate Relief Council to act on a package of mandate relief proposals and submit them to the governor and state legislators during the current session. The resolution states the well-intentioned mandates cause financial difficulties for many counties.

“Whereas, while the goals of these State mandates are worthy - providing help for families, promoting health, assisting the lives of the elderly and ensuring early intervention for children and youth to avoid more costly later interventions- these mandates, which come without appropriate financial support, are the root cause of high county property and sales taxes in New York and have led to a decline in the delivery of other local important services...”

Legislators will consider a resolution to rename Demarest Kill Park in honor of two former county legislators, Kenneth P. Zebrowski and Thomas P. Morahan as the Zebrowski-Morahan Park. Zebrowski was a state assemblyman as well as a legislator.  Morahan was a state senator and legislator.

The legislature has several bond resolutions on its agenda.

  • The $1 million bond for the Demarest Kill County Park Dam would cover engineering, permits, construction, inspection and other expenses.
  • The $600,000 bond for county courthouse security system upgrades would cover new computer hardware and software and security doors and camera equipment.
  • The  $500,000 bond for the automotive garage improvements includes lighting, floor surfaces, ventilation, ceiling and vehicle lifts.
  • The $500,000 bond for countywide HVAC upgrades addresses heating, ventilation and air conditioning updates.
  • A $650,000 bond addition to the $8 million already appropriated is being requested for expansion of and upgrades to the Radio Communications Room at the Fire Training Center plus purchase of fire alarm communications equipment.

The legislature's meeting begins at 7 p.m. 

BenRound May 15, 2012 at 12:16 PM
EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS for a radio room??? 650 THOUSAND more? This county is beyond broke and yet we are dolling out $8,650,000 for a radio room. Give me a break already!!
Tom Truth May 15, 2012 at 12:37 PM
This is another swept under the rug secret - the county built a massive communications center even though they only dispatch fire service - they took a field of dreams approach - build it and they will come - making the assumption that the police departments will turn over police dispatching once this facility was built. Why can't the county do what they are mandated to do and stop trying to do what other municipalities already do - such as provide routine police service and dispatching. The economies of scale theory works when everyone agrees to buy into it - for the county to keep doing things in the hopes that others will see it their way is quite irresponsible, hence the financial boondoggle we are now in. Frankly, I would not feel comfortable having the county in charge of anything - would you with their track record?
Mike Hirsch May 15, 2012 at 12:42 PM
Rob McGunn May 15, 2012 at 02:02 PM
Countywide police forces and other "conolidation" measures are now going to be pitched left right and center as "tax savings", they are not. They are simply a means by which Ramapo, which has destroyed its taxbase, can pass on the costs of services to Clarkstown and Orangetown. "Consoidated Services" are the government version on a Ponsi scheme. When has a bigger government agency ever been a better one?


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