Tarrytown Board of Trustees Roundup - 7/13/2011


Here's a look at what happened during Wednesday’s work session of the Tarrytown Board of Trustees.

Trustee Concerns

The issue of algae buildup in the Upper Tarrytown Lake has been a concern for trustees. The Village has contracted with a company that aerates the lake to keep it free from algae. The system is likely to be reviewed to make sure it is working at full capacity, every hour of every day.

Kelly to be Honored in Maryland

On October 16, 2011, there will be a ceremony in Emmittsberg, Maryland where John Kelly’s name will be inscribed on the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial. Members of local fire companies are planning to attend and the Village will likely supply a bus for the event. However, trustees felt that some of the funds to pay for the transport should come from fire companies as well. The proportions of payments will be decided at a later date.

Tattoo Parlors Slowly Moving Ahead

A proposal to allow tattoo parlors in the Village is moving forward. Village Administrator Michael Blau has penned draft legislation that was reviewed by board members prior to Wednesday's meeting. Trustees seemed on board, but were concerned about signage issues, hoping that tattoo parlors would adhere to written-only signage instead of things like pictures, illustrations, and especially anything with neon lighting. The proposal will have to be scheduled for a public hearing to allow for citizen comments.

Some Changes to Filming on the Way

Following the complaints of downtown business owners, the Village will likely adopt some new guidelines when it comes to issuing filming permits. Under the new guidelines, permits will be strictly enforced and cannot be amended within two weeks of filming. Trustees will also add language that any violation or alteration of permit will be grounds for permit revocation.

Businesses May Get Flexible Permits

Business owners are also hoping the Village will adopt a flexible merchant parking permit system. This would allow a merchant to add five additional cars to a permit for employees to park downtown. Shop owners would have to declare which cars are on the permit, and would have to pay an additional 10 percent over the flat permit fee for each additional car.

Still Some Concern Over Riverside Engine

Riverside Company's new fire engine now fits in its firehouse, however the board still has some concerns about how the truck is able to fit.

Some fire department members noticed that spacers may have been removed from the engine to lower its height, which could mean the engine is not able to hold its recommended maximum weight.

Trustees are concerned that the removal of spacers (if that is the case) and the lowering of the engine may void any warranties on the aparatus. The board wanted a full accounting of any legal issues that might involve the truck and its manufacturers, and above all, to make sure the engine is safe to operate.

Agreement Westchester County – Prisoner Transportation

The Village will enter into a new agreement with Westchester County on the amount it gets reimbursed for prisoner transports.

Handicapped Space Removal

A property owner has requested the removal of a handicapped parking space at LeGrande Avenue and Hamilton Place. The property owner was originally the one who requested the space, so trustees felt it was an easy decision to remove the disabled designation.

Village Clerk Could Become Marriage Official

Although the Village cannot issue marriage licenses, trustees are considering making the Village Clerk a marrying official. The position would be unpaid and would allow the clerk to be the appointed marrying official, similar to the Board of Trustees.

Village May Let County License Taxi Drivers

The Board of Trustees is considering letting the county license all taxi drivers in the Village. The licensing of the vehicles would still be a Village responsibility. The Village only receives about $2,700 from licensing drivers a year, which may not cover the administrative costs associated with licensing roughly 75 drivers annually. 

Other Issues

Trustees also discussed water rates, the Eastview Pump Station and a number of capital projects which will be covered in upcoming articles.

Bruce Buckley July 15, 2011 at 02:09 PM
The lake aeration issue seems like a no-brainer. Last year the upper lake was virtually free of algae. This year it's been clogged since late spring. Obviously, the aeration system is no longer working to full potential.
John Anderson July 15, 2011 at 04:17 PM
As far as the taxi licensing issue, if any decision is going to be the result of fees collected from the industry, you must include the yearly estimated $9,000 in fees from licensing the taxicab vehicles and the businesses and another $1,000 or so in fines. They fail to mention that the taxi driver permits are 3 year licenses, a bargain for a taxi driver. They should be yearly, $50 each. I find it hard to beleive that money is the issue here, and not public safety. I am sure there is plently of wasteful spending in Tarrytown, they are trying to make it sound like they are trying to save taxpayers money. it Took them 40 years to figure this one out? The involvement of the WCTLC in other villages makes it necessary for a taxi driver to get their WCTLC permit before a village or town taxi permit. It would be in the best interest of the 2% of village residents using taxis that Tarrytown remove the entire village code pertaining to taxis and allowing the WCTLC to take the whole thing over like in Croton on Hudson. One case in point is the lettering on these taxis, it's supposed to be "in sharp contrasting color" I see gray taxis with gray lettering. Also, many taxis have upwards of 400,000 miles on them.
True Believer July 19, 2011 at 05:48 PM
Wonderboy July 20, 2011 at 12:05 AM
people were bent out of shape when a parlor opened in Dobbs Ferry years ago, there's been no real problems there in over what, 10 years, maybe more? It fits in with the little soho transformation that the riverfront villages are going through....
Cindy Tuttle July 20, 2011 at 12:19 AM
Yes they should take note that its not just bikers that get tattoos. Its every day hard wotking people that get them also. I have 3 of them all done at different tattoo places and I would recommend them all to others that desire to get a tattoo because they were all clean, friendly environments and followed the laws and procedures that they are suppose to. I have nothing against bikers but not one was seen during my appointments so assuming thats who BetteJane is refering to as the 90% of the clientel I would say her information could be a bit wrong.


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