Tarrytown Board of Trustees Roundup—May 2, 2011

Board moves to set hours of operation at park, Sewer Fund creation, approves funding new water line at Wilson Park.

Here's a look at what happened during Monday's work session of the Tarrytown Board of Trustees.

Board to Set Hours of Operation at Watershed

Recreationalists may want to make sure they pay as much attention to their watches as they do the scenic views the next time they’re in the village watershed.

The village board approved a resolution that will allow officials to set opening and closing times for the property. Village Administrator Michael Blau said the move is necessary to bolster police enforcement at the park. Trustee Thomas Butler questioned if this new hours of operation would have any affect on the Westchester County Trailways, which abuts the watershed area. The village doesn’t have authority over the trail.

Jeffrey Shumejda, the village attorney, said he would check with the county to see if they have a problem with the village’s action. Shumejda encouraged the village board to to pass the resolution and wait to see if there are any objections from county officials.

Trustees Set New Sewer fees for Village Residents


The village aboard approved a new sewer fee schedule that  will charge residents according to their water consumption rate.

Most village users won’t notice any difference unless their usage exceeds what is normally used.

“The money that was used in the general fund for sewers was eliminated from the budget and instead, we created a user fee,” Blau said. “Essentially, the more water a person uses, they would pay a sewer fee. The sewer to be established is $1.50 per 1,000 cubic feet of water. It’s anticipated that for the average household, the sewer fee will generate, for the village, $15.”

Trustees Approves Water Line Repairs

The village board approved $2,675,000 for the construction of a water line at Wilson Park and other repairs.

The money will be used to clean and reinforce lines at various location throughout the village and to build a new water line at Wilson Park. Making the repairs now will help to reduce future repairs bills that could reach four times the amount that is being spent now, according to village officials.

The repairs will cost will be about $2.3 million while construction of the line at Wilson Park will cost about $375,000.

Board Accepts Bid for New Video Equipment

The village board accepted a bid of $41,576.50 from the New York City-based company Electrosonic for new equipment to film government meetings.

The equipment will be remote controlled and allow residents to access board meetings using video on demand.

The equipment is being paid for through a fund made up of monies supplied by Verizon and Cablevision for public access. There will be about $60,000 left in the fund once the equipment is purchased, according to Blau.

Electrosonic’s bid is the lowest of three bids that were submitted to the village.

Board Approves Funding STOP DWI Patrol

Village trustees approved the allocation of $8,400 to partner with the county for the STOP DWI Patrol/ Datamaster Project.

The specialized drinking and driving program, which is administered by the Westchester County Department of Public Safety through an intermunicipal agreement, uses state of the art equipment to report results directly to state databases.

The village will spend $8,400 annually through 2015 to participate in the program.

Other Board Business

  1. Blau said a number of fliers that have been handed out in the area stating the village is selling pieces of property on top of the ridgeline. Blau said the flier, which is titled “Are you Ready for the Nonstop Noise,” is false and the village hasn’t sold any property. However, there is a plan in the Town of Greenburgh to develop 50 acres. Blau said that proposal is still in a preliminary review stage and no proposal has come before the village for the portion of land that extends into the village.
  2. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority has informed the village that it has been approved for additional funding to supply solar panels at the senior center, according to Blau. Last year, NYSERDA approved funding to place solar panels on village hall. The cost of installing the solar panels will be offset by government tax credits and cash incentives.
  3. The county shredder will be at village hall from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. May 21.
  4. The village planted two trees in the area of  McKeel Avenue, Warren Avenue and Neperan Road for Arbor Day.
Willie Lester May 04, 2011 at 12:58 PM
Where is the Ridgeline located?
Bruce Buckley May 04, 2011 at 02:38 PM
What's included in the Village watershed, and why are regulated hours being considered? "Bolstering police enforcement" is too vague. Have there been night-time incidents where police action was required?


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