Pearl River Middle School Musical Involves Large Cast

Approximately 180 Pearl River Middle School students will perform Alice in Wonderland, Jr. 7 p.m. tonight, Friday and Saturday at the middle school.

One reason Pearl River Middle School Spring Musical Director Tom Price chose Alice in Wonderland, Jr. was to involve more students.

That has certainly worked.

"We have a huge cast, 180-something kids," Price said. "By picking a junior, it allows more kids to be involved. There is more flexibility in the play."

That cast has already performed the musical twice, once Monday for elementary school children in the district and again Wednesday for their middle school classmates. They will put on three performances for the public, 7 p.m. tonight, Friday and Saturday night at the middle school. All three performances are sold out. 

"The show is just amazing for middle school," Price said. "Everybody worked together and we have a great end product. We all really enjoy the show. There is a lot of energy on the stage."

Price played a large part in making that show happen, including making all of the costumes. 

"What the kids love most about the show is their costumes and the music," said assistant director Genevieve Marino. "The generous help from volunteers is unparalleled and they have been wonderful. The show sold out well in advance. All of us are very proud of the middle school."

Price was quick to credit the work of Marino, musical director Glynn Nixon and student assistant Jillian Fischer in putting together the show.

They helped work with a varied cast, some students who want larger roles and challenges and others who just want to play some part.

"That's what I thought was amazing about it," Price said. "We had all these kids come out for this play. with a show like this, Alice in Wonderland, there are a lot of great parts. A lot of people who are musically inclined and those who just wanted to be in the show.

"It's great to see a variety of children on the stage performing. I think it's important to let all of the kids experience the theater. I did teach them it's a big team project. The camaraderie at the end (was wonderful)."

frank shine March 29, 2012 at 04:50 PM
good job , keep up the good work
Kelly Garrett March 30, 2012 at 02:41 AM
Fantastic performance! Set and costumes are amazing, all made by Tom Price who also directed! Congrats to Tom, the cast, crew and all involved!


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