Pearl River Middle Schoolers Share Science Lessons

Sixth grade students from Pearl River Middle School made a presentation on matter as part of Tuesday's board of education meeting.

The students became the teachers during Pearl River's Board of Education meeting Tuesday at the administration offices on Crooked Hill Road.

Sixth graders from Pearl River Middle School demonstrated what they had learned about changes in matter, asking the parents, administrators and teachers in the attendance to give them examples of matter and to determine the difference between physical and chemical changes.

Students Conor Holahan, Michael Daly, Tyler Conroy, Tara Quinlivan, Anna Scott, Kayleigh Miedreich and Lila Foster led the room through the demonstration and a song about matter. See the videos attached to this report for part of their presentation and to hear the song.

Teachers Susan Balban and Gal Seiler brought the group in for the presentation.

The board also heard the last of three presentations regarding the 2012-13 budget. The details of that presentation can be found _here_.

Tuesday's personnel items included the appointment of spring sports coaches, with one notable name missing from the list. Dan Doherty will not be coaching the Pearl River girls track and field team this spring.  Liam McGuirk will take over as head coach, though Doherty plans to be with the team as a volunteer assistant.

Pearl River Board of Education Vice President Robert Davis was nominated to the Rockland County BOCES Board for a term running from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2015. Tom DePrisco is in his third year representing Pearl River with BOCES, but announced at the last meeting that he would step down.


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