Pearl River School Board Awards Bids Including New Classrooms

The district also announced a donation from the Evans Park PTA which will be used to purchase three SmartBoards for the elementary school.

Pearl River School District Director of Operations Quinton Van Wynen recommended approving bids for a total of $843,483 for the construction of four new classrooms in Pearl River High School at Tuesday's board of education meeting.

The classrooms are being built in the space formerly occupied by the district administration. The need for additional space at the high school was a key reason the district purchased the property on West Crooked Hill Road, which includes the new administration building.

The primary change in plans announced at Tuesday's meeting is these will now be regular instructional classrooms rather than technology rooms, which will save the district approximately $100,000

"We are staying with the number of classrooms, which is four," Van Wynen said. "Mr. (Pearl River High School Principal William) Furdon is going to leave the technology classrooms in place upstairs and make these regular classrooms. We ran into a budget issue and had to find a way to consolidate. We are hitting the main goal, which was to create four new classrooms."

Pearl River Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Morgano pointed out that the rooms are being built in a way that they could be converted to technology classrooms in the future."

The approved bids for the project are as follows:

  • General Instruction - Key Interiors, LLC for $467,000
  • HVAC Work - Pearl River Plumbing, Heating and Electric for $228,828
  • Plumbing Work - Pearl River Plumbing Heating and Electric for $27,835 and ALT#1 for $16,450
  • Electrical Work - HVS, LLC Elec. Construction for $103,000 and ALT#1 for $370

ALT#1 will be fixing the roof drain over the office area. That money will come from operating funds. 

Work on the new classrooms is scheduled to begin June 25 and to be completed by Aug. 28.

"It's going to be a very active 10 weeks," Van Wynen said.

Those were among a large number of bids to come before the board of education Tuesday night. The full list is in the agenda attached to this report. Low bids were accepted in most cases, though Van Wynen recommended going with the local vendor, Star Press, for the Commencement Programs due to time concerns even though the price was slightly higher. 

"It is $11 difference," Van Wynen said. "The risk of not having commencement documents on time is of greater concern."

New Middle School Teacher

Gregory Alves was hired as Spanish teacher for Pearl River Middle School. His probationary period is set to run from Sept. 1, 2012 to Aug. 31, 2015. 

Evans Park PTA Donates SMART Boards

The Evans Park Elementary School PTA donated $11,610.41 to the school. The money will be used to purchase three SMART Boards, which will be installed over the summer. 

"We have adjusted the district budget to reflect this," Van Wynen said. "This is a very generous donation by the PTA."

Contract Updates

The board also approved a memorandum of agreement with the Pearl River Teacher's Association. According to Director of Human Resources and Community Services Diana Musich it was related to next year's drama production. 

"I'm very happy we are able to have the drama again next year," Board Member Tom DePrisco said.

Tuesday's meeting also included a memorandum of agreement between the district and the CSEA representing the Pearl River Custodial and Maintenance Unit. This included a salary increase effective July 2011 of $0.25 per hour plus 2% and another increase of $0.20 plus 1% that goes into effect July 1, 2012. 

MSG Varsity Contract

Van Wynen and Director of Athletics Todd Santabarbara recommended extending the district contract with MSG Varsity, which began this past year. The deal includes a $2,000 grant, $1,500 goes to pay for a program advisor so that position comes at no expense to the district.

"This program has provided high school students with valuable skills in the field of broadcasting, journalism and field production," Santabarbara wrote in the recommendation. "Furthermore, it ahs provided excellent coverage highlighting many athletic and academic accomplishments of the school district."

New Student Representative

Senior Kaitlin Creagh introduced Laura Cooper, who will take her place as one of the two student representatives to the board of education along with Kelly Linnane.

Gregg June 06, 2012 at 09:00 PM
Taxpayers voted them in.
Mike June 06, 2012 at 09:08 PM
Wasnt it just a few years ago that the distrcit spent a ton of money on new classrooms in the elementary schools which are now not being used? So it is clear that the demographics here are that those kids have not moved up into the HS so we are going to make teh same mistake? This may be the perfect opportunity to have the PRSD conform with almost every other district in teh country and have Elementary go from K-5, MS from 6-8 and HS the traditional 9-12. If we made this adjustment would we need to spend almost $1M on new classrooms that in what 6-7 years will not be needed?
Mike June 06, 2012 at 09:15 PM
let me correct 2nd sentence - replace "not" with "now". It should read: So it is clear that the demographics here are that those kids have now moved up into the HS so are we going to make the same mistake?


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