Pearl River Students Send Letters to Soldiers

Five Pearl River High School students and principal William Furdon made a presentation about the "Every Soldier Matters" program at Tuesday's board of education meeting.

A group of students approach Pearl River High School Principal William Furdon with the idea of gathering and sending letters to soldiers stationed overseas.

Furdon said that at first he wondered how they would pull it off, but the students ended up collecting 700 letters from all of the district's buildings, including pictures from the younger children in the elementary schools.

Furdon and students Sara Roberts, Terrence Hughs, Nikita Mehta, William Lutz and Grace Kocubinski gave a presentation about their efforts at the board of education meeting Tuesday. They MSGVarsity's Students Making a Difference feature about the project, which first aired Tuesday. The video can be found here

"This really shows you can make a difference, so thank you again," Pearl River Board of Education President Rob Davis said.

The Merm January 24, 2013 at 03:54 AM
Congratulations to this fine group of young people. Our deployed troops truly appreciate getting letters like this.


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