RCC Campus Closed Due To Water Main Break

Classes and programs cancelled, offices and childcare center closed until further notice. Evening event for "Autism Speaks" has been cancelled.


The normally bustling Rockland Community College campus was quiet and empty Thursday morning because of a water main break that cancelled all activities. Campus security officers and contractor repair crews were among the few people on the Suffern grounds.

Automated emails to students and staff alerted them to the closure. When a small water main break was repaired on Wednesday, workers discovered a leak in the campus’ domestic water line. The shutdown of the water line is confined to the RCC campus.  RCC Spokeswoman Tzipora Reitman said the water main break did not cause any damage.

RCC advises students and staff to check at 2:30 p.m. to find out if the college will reopen at 4 p.m. for afternoon and evening classes and activities. Information will be available on the Emergency Closing line at 845-574-4034 and at www.sunyrockland.edu.

Reitman said the "Autism Speaks" presentation on New York's Autism Insurance Law scheduled for 6 to 8 p.m. in the RCC Theater Thursday night has been cancelled. 

Thursday morning campus security officers stationed at the main entrance on College Road handed out flyers explaining the situation to drivers. Gates with a handwritten sign “Campus Closed” blocked a side road entrance to the college.

The closure affects RCC’s approximately 8,000 students, though they do not all attend classes daily, plus 1,000 staff members and young children enrolled in the onsite childcare facility, Theresa Morahan Simmons Center for Children and Families. 


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