Rockland Schools Will be Jumping on Friday

It's the second annual March Forward event to promote the strong link between physical activity and academic achievement.

Photo courtesy Steps to a Healthier Rockland County
Photo courtesy Steps to a Healthier Rockland County
Steps to a Healthier Rockland County is sponsoring March Forward on March 7 to help students and teachers make the connection between physical activity, health and smarts.

What some Rockland schools are planning:
  •  Play dance music at designated times for whole-school participation
  • Play a popular hip hop dance video on the smart board for the students (and teacher) to follow. Ask the students for their favorite.
  • Create a 5-minute exercise video involving the school's PE teachers and students and make it available for students and teachers to follow along to
  • Adapt the brain break activities (listed in the side bar to the right of this page) to the needs and interests of students
This is the second annual March Forward for Rockland—the first was March 22, 2013.



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