Schedule Reminder: Pearl River Schools Open Feb. 18, 19

Feb. 18 and 19 will be regular school days in the Pearl River School District.They had scheduled as days off, but that was changed due to the lost week of classes after Hurricane Sandy.

Pearl River Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Morgano offered a reminder at Tuesday's board of education meeting. 

Pearl River Schools will be open with a regular class schedule Feb. 18 and 19 . Both were days off on the initial 2012-13 calendar, but that was changed to address the five school days lost after Hurricane Sandy. 

The board of education meeting that week will remain at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 20 as it appears on the district calendar. Board meetings are normally held Tuesdays, but it was initially set for that Wednesday with school set to be closed Feb. 19.

"We decided to keep it on the 20th because it is in the calendar that way and we don't want to confuse anyone," District Clerk Mary Flanagan said. 

Kindergarten registration is also scheduled to begin Feb. 20. The district will be sending out more information. 

Editor's note: Check back with Patch for more from Tuesday's Pearl River Board of Education meeting. 

mary dolphin February 18, 2013 at 02:46 PM
I am very disappointed in the Pearl River School District to open schools on Monday and Tuesday Feb. 18 and 19. Where are the morals for this district. Its a FEDERAL HOLIDAY. We teach our children the holidays....Washingtons bday we often called it Presidents Day, it was to honor George Washington, our Father, our nation's first President, and we also honor our former President Abraham Lincoln, who's bday was Feb.to2th. Both of these Presidents have an important legacy in Our Nation's History. It is a shame that the school district could not have found another way of taking days away. Cut the Easter break....June meetings...cancel...don't hurt the children. Very sad.
mary dolphin February 19, 2013 at 12:56 PM
I hope Pearl Eiver parents voiced how they felt about the vacation taken. Its a shame to hurt the kids. Let administration do more work. I do hope there is another blizard so we can what they will do.


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