Telling Math Stories in Pearl River

Lincoln Ave. Elementary School Kindergarten students demonstrated how they are learning addition at Tuesday's Pearl River Board of Education meeting.

Lincoln Avenue Elementary School Kindergarten teacher Margaret Lynch turns addition into a storytelling for her students.

She brought students Eddie Anderson, Sean Davin, Liam Keane, Aliyah Khan, Alexandrea Kornhauser, Pearse McGinley, Niamh McGuinness, Nina Misantonis and Timmy Norum to the Pearl River Board of Education meeting Tuesday to demonstrate the method.

The students would tell a story about two groups being added together, then change the format to use mathematic symbols in place of conjunctions. For example, five rabbits and three rabbits makes eight rabbits would become 5+3=8.

Once the students were done demonstrating, they paired up with members of the board of education and administration to make math stories together. 


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