"The Wizz" Entertains, Teaches Lincoln Avenue Elementary Students

Former Harlem Globetrotter Derek "The Wizz" Murphy mixed basketball and life lessons Monday morning at Lincoln Avenue Elementary School in Pearl River.

Derek "The Wizz" Murphy perfected his basketball tricks during his time with the Harlem Globetrotters.

Now he uses them to teach young people about respecting themselves and others.

"I get them to have some fun so I can get their attention," Muphy said. "Then I get the message across as far as respect, being kind to one another, behaving, respecting parents, respecting themselves and their friends. At that age, they can push each other and not realize and that can lead into bullying."

The PTA brought Murphy to Lincoln Avenue Elementary School, where he gave two separate presentations Feb. 14, first two the students Kindergarden throuh second grade, then for the third and fourth graders. He performed basketball tricks, taught them to some of the students and mixed in stories about doing the right thing as they pursue their educations in his Slam Dunk Good Choices presentation.

"When I was with Meadowlark Lemon, we used to do presentations in elemenatary and middle schools," Murphy said. "I was approached about giving a message as we promoted the game. After I stopped plaing, I started doing these programs with a message."

Find out more about Murphy's work at http://derekthewizzmurphy.com/


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