This Week's Student Spotlight: Matthew Fishteyn

A visit from a talented young musician.


Age: 19
School: The Special Music School of America

This Sunday, February 12, 2012, you can witness the talented Matthew Fishteyn as he performs at the Suffern Library. Fishteyn has been playing piano for over 13 years. He is a very talented musician as well as composer.

Fishteyn enjoys travelling around the New York/New Jersey area performing for different audiences.

"Every place I perform at is extraordinary and special.  It gives me the ability to introduce myself, as well as my idea on music, to a new crowd each time. People have different perspectives on music, as it should be.  Since my music can sound very foreign and novel, I try to instill a feeling of familiarity into my audience. In the summer of 2011, I performed at a library that formerly was an eighteenth-century home," said Fishteyn.

A graduate of The Special Music School of America, Fishteyn started taking piano lessons when he was a boy at about the age of six.  Practicing up to two times a week year after year has paid off as it is visible in his performances. The Special Music School is geared toward children who show a high aptitude in music and whose parents want a dual focus on both academics and music for their child.

"I commuted for nearly three hours every weekday from Staten Island to Manhattan and back. I don't play classical music anymore actually for quite awhile.  In the styles that I play today, such as blues, rock-n-roll, ragtime, etc., I am largely self-taught."

In 2010, he was awarded 1st Place in the Young Musicians Competition at Wagner College.

When asked about his favorite style of music or performer, Fishteyn, could not choose just one. With an in-depth understanding of music, performing and composing he can appreciate a broad spectrum of different musical styles and artists.

"I like all styles of music, meaning I like a variety of different musicians.  I don't play favorites when it comes to musical artists.  Everyone has their own style as I do. I don't believe in creating a personal path based on what someone else has done.  You can learn from other artists.  But you can never be them.  Be as you are and create your own following."

Spoken like a true leader!

If you would like to hear Fishteyn perform live he will be at the Suffern Library on Sunday, February 12th, at 1:30pm.


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