Saturday: 1st Meals On Wheels Dog Walk Fundraiser

The event is Saturday, Sept. 8 at Blue Hill Plaza in Pearl River


Social workers recently noticed that seniors were not eating some or all of their meals because they were sharing their meals with their pets.

“We have situations where social workers will go to someone’s home and find out that some of the seniors were giving or sharing their meals with their pets because they can’t afford pet food,” said Stan Schwarz, a  volunteer. “The thought came to us that if we were able to get donated pet food, we would be able to provide it to seniors who can’t afford to buy it on their own.”

Thus, the first Wags for Wheels Dog Walk was born. This is the first time Meals on Wheels is hosting an event like this and proceeds will start a pet food pantry for seniors who have animals that they can’t afford to buy food for.

This dog and family walk, which the private not-for-profit hopes to establish as an annual event, is Saturday, Sept. 8 at  in Pearl River. The fundraiser will benefit all Rockland seniors in this situation, not just MoW seniors. It will also benefit other Meals on Wheels services like the homebound meal delivery, five senior centers and Bobbie Lewis Adult Day Care Center in Nanuet.

Registration is at the event for $35 and starts at 9 a.m. The walk begins at 10 a.m. and contests and demonstrations are at noon. There will be vendors and refreshments.

Major sponsors of the Wags for Wheels Dog Walk are , Valley Cottage Animal Hospital, Hudson Valley Magazine and the Catherine C. Reiley Charitable Foundation.

Anyone who wants more information about the event should go to www.mowrockland.org

Robert Ward Kurkela September 07, 2012 at 05:40 PM
Fantastic event. Good luck!
Chris September 08, 2012 at 08:45 PM
I cannot believe this event was cancelled. It did not rain until later in the day. I was planning to come and see the vendors after the walk. The brochure said it was "rain or shine". I think a lot of vendors and a lot of particpants were very disapointed. I am glad I did not sign up.


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