Carolyn Polchinski, M.S.Ed.
Carolyn Polchinski, M.S.Ed., is a Scarsdale-based Learning Specialist, skilled in providing individualized reading instruction and assessment. An accomplished child advocate, Ms. Polchinski's expertise in supporting children with ADHD and executive function deficits has led to the development of a thriving private practice. She has taught 12 post-graduate level courses in Reading and Literacy Education to date. Her passion for teaching reading and writing to children is at the core of her work. Ms. Polchinski believes every child can learn, when given individualized instruction and consistent support. She speaks and writes on topics related to “Raising a Self-Confident Reader”. Future goals include pursuit of a doctorate and publishing her first children's book series. Ms. Polchinski is available for individual and family support, and can be reached at: (914) 325-0297 or Carolyn@ConfidentReaders.com
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